The Changing

After Ron hurts me, and Draco helps me, and I go through the change and find my true identity, what will happen to me?

Don't know where this is going quite yet, gonna keep it yellow for now, might go red!


2. Malfoy?


I walk to the castle where I run into Professor McGonagall.  

“Ms Granger, I wasn’t expecting you back from the Weasleys till Monday.”  She looked at me worryingly.  

“I decided to come back, because, well I found Ron and Lavender having sex, and well you see Ron and I were dating.”  I tell her but continue on.   “So, I decided to come back to school.”  

“I see, well you are welcome to come anytime you wish, just in the future please do send an owl.”  

“Yes, Professor, I will.”  I say as I walk to the castle.  I walk to the head dormitories, expecting Draco to be gone for the weekend with his mother and father.  I step into the common room and there he is sitting on the loveseat, reading a book.  

“Draco?”  I question and he looks up.  “I thought you were to be gone for the weekend.”  

“I thought you went to the Weasels to celebrate your birthday.”  He replied and I break into tears again.  “Hermione?  What’s wrong?”  He rushes to my side and carries me to the couch.  

“I found Ron and Lavender having s-s-sex.”  I sob and Draco comforts me.  

“It’s ok, ‘Mione, I’m here.  I’ll stay here as long as you need me here.”  He kisses my forehead and holds onto me.  “When is your birthday, ‘Mione?”  

“Today’s Friday the 18th right?”  I ask and he nods.  “Then tomorrow.”  

“Let’s go to my manor tonight, tomorrow we can go to out together.”  He whispers and I nod.  I grab my prepacked trunk and Draco grabs his and we set off to Hogsmeade so we can apparate.  

Draco grabs my hand and we whizz off to his house.  “Welcome to the Malfoy Manor.”  He whispers in my ear.  By now it’s ten and we walk in and up to Draco’s room.  I grab my shorts and cut off and lay down on Draco’s bed.  Draco come and joins me, only in his boxers.  I make no movement towards him, so he pulls me to him and holds me as I drift off to sleep.  

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