The Changing

After Ron hurts me, and Draco helps me, and I go through the change and find my true identity, what will happen to me?

Don't know where this is going quite yet, gonna keep it yellow for now, might go red!


5. Changed


I blink a few times and my eyes flutter open.  “Draco?”  I whisper looking around.  “Draco?  Where are you?”  I say a little louder.

“Hermione?  Are you awake love?”  Draco asks peeking his head in the room.  I give him a weak smile and he comes over to sit by me.  “How you feeling?”  He asks smiling at me.  

“Fine, what was happened Draco?”  I ask, watching his worried expression.  

“I don’t think I should be the one to tell you, but seeing as mother and father had to leave, I’ll tell you.”  He starts, then pauses, then starts up again.  “The change wasn’t done.  Mother said that you are gonna be more powerful than any other person from your family, ever.  Your physical appearance also slightly changed.”  He helps me up and walks me to the  bathroom to look in the mirror.  “You look even more beautiful.”  My blonde hair turns the same colour as his and my eyes the same icy grey eyes.  I shrunk a few inches so now Draco was almost a foot taller than me.  

“Draco, can I ask you something?”  I ask staring at my reflection.

“You just did, but I guess you can have another.”  He smirks wrapping his arms around me.

“Would your mom have a picture of my mom or anything in that sort?”  I ask turning around in his arms.  

“I don’t know.”  He said slowly, pausing between each word as if questioning them all.  “We can look through her pictures, though.”  

“Thank you, Draco.”  I kiss his cheek and he smiles down at me.  


We rush downstairs and Draco pulls me down a hallway and into a room full of boxes with pictures.  We look for a box dated nineteen years ago, finally we find two, one called Hermione and Draco baby, which we set aside for later, and one called the rest of the year. I open the rest of the year and then realise, I don’t know her name.  

“D-draco?”  I whisper looking up at him.

“Yes, Hermione.”  He smiles at me.  

“Do you know my mom’s name at all?”  I ask with a worried expression.  

“I don’t, is that bad?  I don’t know my godmother’s name.” His eyes widen like he wasn't supposed to say that.

“She was your godmother?”  I ask shakily.  He nods and a tear rolls down my cheek.  “Why didn’t you tell me.  That would have been nice to know too.  Know that the-”

“Hermione, there’s something else too.”  He cuts me off.  “I love you, you are probably the love of my life, and I was waiting for the perfect time to tell you this, but our parents had us betrothed.”  

That’s my breaking point.  Tears start flowing and don’t stop.  I get up and run.  I run as far as my legs will take me, which ends up being the living room before I collapse.  I lay on the sofa, crying my heart out as Draco walks in he lifts my head up to sit and sets it on his lap.  

“Hermione, it’s ok.  Let it all out.  Let all your tears out.  I’ll explain everything I can and tell you anything you want to know.  I blink away my tears and kiss his cheek.  I sit up on his lap.

“I think I want to know everything.”  I whisper as his parents walk in.

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