Bleeding Little Blue Boy

Kellin Bostwick was the most popular boy in the Junior year at Westmont High. Girls always at his knees-good grades...friends with all jocks. Except no one knew about his double life until he meets a little blue boy.


1. Bulls In The Bronx

Chapter1-Pulling The Trigger

"Yeah I know...Mr. La Forge's tests are crazy hard! I HATE...the free response...I always fail th-" I paused to hear Matt beating some new kid up yelling "queer! Cut yourself faggot! Worthless piece of shit!" I took a deep gulp as I felt a lump in my throat start to form. "Sh-shouldn't we do something?" I asked Justin. "Someone will do something don't worry...that's just Matt being Matt." Justin sighed. "Mr. hills!" A teacher jogged up to us.

Somehow, I was too distracted to listen to whatever they're saying, I just couldn't stop staring at the little blue boy and Matt.

And when... the boy and I made eye contact I couldn't help but feel weird-not because I felt guilty for not doing anything...but because they were was something in him that got him back on his own feet as if nothing had happened. After the bell rang and they fight finally ended I headed to my next period. "Little blue boy..." I smirked to myself. "I like that." I say softly before walking in to see...him. The boy with his face buried in the dirt earlier.

"Alright kids take your seat, I was feeling generous today and thought we start of the new semester with new seats...of your choice." She paused to hear everyone quietly cheer. I didn't have any friends in this class-Ms.Hilzer's English class. She's pretty nice...if you do the work and never spoke. And I definitely didn't do work, however the quiet thing I had going on...and I was quite good at it. Just because I'm popular doesn't mean I'm outgoing necessarily.

"Alright,alright! Enough socializing-we have lunch break for that. Now I would like to introduce you all to a new student.." She paused as everyone went over to see the boy slide slowly sliding down into his seat only his beanie showing from above his desk. She sighed "Victor Fuentes...sit up straight, Victor." She sighed dramatically as everyone giggled. I took a deep breath before sitting down next to Victor-it was going to be awkward,painfully awkward...but I could tell he needed a friend.

This is a very Catholic school so the term gay-only meant happy in the sense of Christmas... "I-I'm Kellin..." I stuttered sitting down next to him. "I know..." He sighed as he exchanged glances from the projector screen to his paper. "You do?" I ask shocked. "Yeah...everyone knows you-you're practically famous." He smirked.

"And you're Vic...tor right?" I laugh nervously, I'm so use to giving my friends nicknames...but he didn't seem like he wanted friends.

"It's Vic. Vic Fuentes." He said shortly then looked up to smile at me. I could tell he knew I was trying to hard, guess I just felt bad I didn't stop Matt from doing was kind of like looking at a mirror. You see, my house isn't the place to be, yeah I maybe a popular guy with amazing hair and in a band but outside of school...I was nothing. I come home to a dad and a few empty bottles and cans laying around.

I storm up to my room hearing my parents fight. My dad is not a good man, but a dad is a dad...I usually zone it out with the use of my music and I always try to go to a friends house or leave in the middle of the night to go meet them. But ever since freshman year started nobody seemed to want me over but still wanted to hangout with me at school.

I never thought of myself as the in-crowd kind of guy. But hey, I'm not complaining after all, I am dating the hottest girl in school. Katelynne, she's a senior...nice pink lips,long brown hair and a banging body. Did I just say banging? Wow. I sound like a total-

"You still there?" I hear Vic chuckle as I finally left my thoughts for a moment. Douchebag...

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