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"Brother! Brother!" Coralline shouted as she ran around the asgardian castle after Thor, who had stolen her journal. As the two of them slowed down she yanked her journal and hid it behind her back. The two royals of Asgard, despite Thor being twenty five and Coralline being 20, still fought like they were five.

"I apologize sister. Brother Loki wished for me to guide you here." Thor said as Coralline realized where she was, in Odins private room.

"Thor, we cannot be in here. Father will be angry."

"Don't worry! What father doesn't know cannot hurt him." Loki announces as he comes out from the dark corner that he had always like to hide in.

"Loki." Coralline huffs and puts her hands on her hips "why did you wish for brother to summon me here?"

"I wished to show you something of course." Loki says like its the most obvious thing in the nine realms.

"What did you wish to show me?"

"This, it's a portal to another realm." Loki explains as he points to a small glass sphere in his hand, it glows a bright green. "When I become king I'm going to open the portal and travel across the realms."

"I shall become king brother. I am the first born son after all."

"Why must I not be allowed to become the ruler of Asgard just because I'm a girl?" Coralline huffs and sits on one of the marble steps.

"Girls cannot rule kingdoms as magnificent as Asgard." The God of mischief says while walking towards his younger sister.

"Women can rule anything they like! I am to be married tomorrow so I have the ability to rule if you choose not to."
She states, angered by her brother. Her father had put her in an arranged marriage with fandral since she was four, and the wedding was to be the next day.

"Mm..." Loki hums "if you activate the portal and throw something through I will believe that you could rule Asgard just as easily as Thor or I."

"Loki I do not think father would approve of this-" Thor adds on cautiously.

"What father does not know will not hurt him." Loki stated again. "Do it Coralline."

Coralline hesitated before slowly stepping towards the sphere and holding it up in between her pointer finger and thumb, it wasn't more then the size of a quarter. "How do you activate it?" She gulped.

"Crush it." Loki responded. Coralline slowly put it under her shoe and held a small necklace to throw in to the portal once it opened. "I guess she's too afraid Thor." Loki scoffed and at that Coralline crushed it.

Hazy green smoke arose all around her, it blew her long brown hair around so it hit her face, she could hear her brothers yelling something at her but couldn't understand them, she could hear her mother and father as well. The smoke covered her vision and made its way into her lungs, it burned her lungs and her throat. Before she could react she felt her body drop to the cold hard ground.


2. chapter 2

Corallines eyes fluttered open, her surroundings we're unfamiliar, she was in a room with one glass wall, multiple needles were stuck into her arms, she was in a white sort of gown and there were two men standing outside of her door with weapons. "The patient has awoken." A British voice boomed through the rooms, through all the rooms not just hers.

A man with messy hair ran in followed by a man in a black trench coat. "Where am I?" The 20 year old asgardian princess panicked.

"On earth." The man in the trench coat answered.

"What are your names?" She said, a bit more relaxed now that she knew which realm she was in but still panicked that she had no clue how she got there.

"Nick fury and Bruce banner." The man answered once again, as the other played with the machines she was attached to. "Do you have a name."

Coralline hesitated but she answered after a minute of thinking. "Lady Coralline of Asgard."

The man who was playing with the strange machines perked up. "Sister of Thor?" Coralline nodded

"Why? Is my brother present?" She sat up, ignoring her terrible raging head ache.

"Not at the moment, he was here a couple months ago." Nick fury responded.

"months? I hope you don't mind me asking but... How long have I been here?"

Bruce banner looked at fury, as if asking permission to answer, when fury nodded Bruce banner sighed and answered "a year and a half"

"Did you inform him I was here?" She begins to panic again, taking in her surroundings once again in an attempt to calm her and make her feel safe. Fury leans towards Bruce and whispers something to him, he nods and runs out of the room.

"We didn't know who you were until now so no. He doesn't know." Fury shakes his head.

"You have to inform him of my presence on Midgard."

"I'm afraid it's not that simple. There's only one person on this earth that knows him better then SHIELD, and she's on her way here now." Fury announces before exiting the room.

"She?" Coralline asked but It was too late, fury was gone and she was all alone except for the beeping of machines. Thor had never been with anyone in Asgard, all of the asgardian women all fell for him so he never chose just one.

A tall man with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes entered interrupting her from her thoughts. "Jane foster will be here in about two hours, fury wanted me to bring you these files."

"Is Jane foster the woman nick fury was talking about? The woman who knows Thor better then... I believe he called it... SHIELD?" Coralline questioned.

"That's what I've been told ma'am. Steve Rogers." He sticks out his hand for coralline to shake.

"Lady coralline of Asgard."

"Nice to meet you. I mean officially- I've kinda met you- I watched you sleep. I-I mean I was present when you were unconscious. I'm just gonna leave." Steve blushes and responds before leaving. When the door is closed coralline looks at the stack of clothes that were in the corner, her armor. How they got it wasn't much of a mystery because she was wearing it when she opened the portal but the real mystery was how they still fit. It resembled the armor of lady Sif but it was a dark blue instead of red.

As she got out of bed, and made her way over to the armor. Coralline thoughtfully ran her hand over the leather that had kept her safe in many battles against fearsome creatures, all from different realms, as she touched the leather she felt jolt go through her body. As she felt it she also felt her hand heat up and fire shoot out of it.

She never had this power in Asgard, so she just shrugged it off as something to do with portal and put on her armor. When it was on and she looked presentable she turned and walked out of the door, leaving the hospital gown on the floor. Almost as soon as she left she was ushered back in by the guards.

"I am the princess of Asgard. You must let me through!"

"Not until Jane foster arrives." One of the guards state.

"Fine. I shall wait, but I am quite hungry do you have any food in this facility?" Coralline questions, the other guard huffs and says something into his radio, only minutes later does the tall blonde man from earlier return with food.

"I do not wish to wait for this Jane foster any longer. I wish to explore this wonderful realm." Coralline exclaimed as the man known as Steve Rogers entered.

"I apologize ma'am. Fury gave orders that you're not allowed to leave your room unaccompanied."

"Then accompany me." Coralline said as she hopped off of the bed and walked towards Steve. "Take me to meet these 'Avengers' that were in the files."

Steve thought for a minute before he sighed and gave in. As the two of them started to walk Steve started asking questions. "Lady coralline, I hope you don't mind me asking but... How old are you?"

Coralline thought for a moment before answering "I was 20 years of age when I opened the portal, so I am technically 21 years of age."

Steve nods slowly, he had no clue what portal she was talking about but he didn't think he would understand it if he asked. "Have you met my brother Thor?"

"Yes I have, in fact I've met both of your brothers."

"Loki?" Coralline perked up at the mention of her brother, the god of mischief. "How is he doing?"

"uh... He's on Asgard, we haven't seen him for a while."

"Don't tell me that he attacked Midgard?"


"Asgardian term for earth."

"Oh I see. Then yes, he attacked Midgard with a group called the Chitauri." Steve nodded, he still wasn't sure he understood.

As the two of them walked they received many stares from agents and even a couple comments from one introduced as tony stark. "Spangles and fire ball sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-S-I-N-G."

"Fire ball? I don't understand." Coralline said, she was quite confused at this comment.

"Ya know, cause you came down from the sky in a ball of fire, but it was green fire." Tony laughed which earned him a glare from Steve.

"No, I was not aware of that." She answers, confused once again. "I'm afraid I don't understand anything on Midgard." Coralline sighs.

"I don't understand much of this either." Steve adds as they walk away from Tony, who decided to make kissing noises as they left him. M

"Sorry about Tony... He's a bit."

"Strange?" Coralline finished off. They finished their walk and returned to corallines room, the sunlight that shone through the window landed on Steve and coralline, making their blue eyes much more noticeable as they stood in the room, her hands started to heat up just as before and she was flooded with concern, color draining from her face and eyes.

"My room is right down the hall if you need Anything." Steve smiled before walking away. As soon as the door closed corallines hands lit up engulfing her arms in fire, but instead of the fire being red as before, it was green, like Lokis eyes and the smoke was a darker black then Lokis hair.

The fire slowly faded out and Bruce banner, tony stark and nick fury ran in. "What-what's happening to me." Coralline shouted as she backed away from the men trying to help her.

"The fire that you fell down in mutated your cells so you can light yourself on fire. We saw this when we tested your blood but we didn't think much about it. Obviously we should've." Tony scoffs.

"Not the time Tony. Her powers are controlled by emotions, when they're unstable so are her powers." Bruce said, doing something to corallines hand, probably to prevent further surprises.

"Fine," Tony huffed and looked down at his phone. "Maria says she's sending a Jane foster up here." Nick nods

"Are she and Thor...? Together?" Coralline asks, if they were coralline had no clue how she would re act so she hoped they weren't, but also hoped that Thor had found someone special since she was always pushing him to.

"Yeah." Tony answers, there's a knock at the door, causing coralline to jump. "She's here." As soon as the door was opened a woman came running forwards and pulled coralline into a tight hug.

"Thor has told me so much about you. I didn't know you were her on earth or I would've told him. I'm Jane Forster by the way." The woman trails off and sticks out her hand. Coralline take it.

"It's nice to meet you. I wish I could say I've heard a lot about you but I haven't heard much of anything from Thor." She responds politely.

"I understand. I've been to Asgard and your palace and they are both quite beautiful." Jane comments. Corallines eyes widen as this triggers a memory.


Loki walked through the palace with new found girl friend, she excused herself for a moment and the conversation started. "I can't believe you brought her here." Thor sneered.

"Thor! Be nice." Coralline demanded, Lokis girl friend, Genevieve, wasn't the nicest but Loki liked her.

"She just wants to be part of asgardian royalty." Thor scoffed, he wasn't too fond of Lokis girl friends, he always chose the wrong ones but he still brought them to the palace, which made Thor very mad.

"If you were handsome enough to get a girl friend you would think differently." Loki retorted, his green eyes piercing through Thors skull.

"All of the women in this land love me." Thors voice booms through the hall "I just choose not to bring any to the palace. I shall not bring a woman into this palace until I'm sure I shall marry her."


"What exactly did Thor tell you about me?" Coralline inquired, there were some things that she wasn't very proud of.

"Only good things. I swear." Jane holds up her hands as if to claim innocence. "Thor really misses you." The tone turns serious and Jane sits next to coralline. "He told me about you one night, he said you were the best sister ever. He said he would do anything to get you back. "

Coralline starts to tear up. "How about you come stay with Darcy Eric Ian and I, they know Thor pretty well too. I'll ask Steve if you can, he can come and check on you in the mornings." Jane smiles

"You know Steve?" coralline asks, Steve Rogers had been the nicest to her, and she barely knew him, she knew his name and that he wasn't from here, and she could relate to get for sure.

"Yeah, in a sense, I read his file and saw him on my way in." Jane answers. Coralline makes an 'O' shape with her mouth. "So, do you want to stay with us?"

"I don't want to be a bother." Coralline adds, looking down at her lap.

"You won't be. I'll go ask Steve, be right back." Jane assures coralline before leaving.

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