*Complete* Part one to Elephas. The story of a strange sickness that begins to kill elephants in captivity and in the wild. When Adilyn finds herself forced into the heart of this mystery she realizes that she might be as interested and in it for the gold as the other players.


6. Chapter 6

“Imari!” Adilyn fell next to him and put her arms around his massive neck.

    “How long has he been like this?” She demanded looking up at Ranger Roberts. He looked awful. Pale and sickly, he crouched beside her.

    “He fell about thirty minutes before you arrived. I called you immediately.” He reached out his arm to try and comfort her but Adylin turned away sharply and laid against Imari, who let out a little grown. He couldn’t move and Adilyn had started crying for him.

    “Why didn’t you call me sooner?” Adilyn shouted angrily. Roberts bit his lip as he watched her cry.

    “Things didn’t end on the greatest note… I didn’t want to disturb you unless it was serious.” Adilyn shoulders fell and she sat up a little. Turning to look at him with tear stained cheeks she whispered,

    “Please, isn’t there anything we can do?” The Ranger looked away. He couldn’t meet her gaze. He had been through this. He knew what was going to happen. They both knew.

    “No,” Adilyn looked from the Ranger to Imari and back again.

    “No, no! We never should have come here! We never should have come!” more tears fell and she pleaded with Roberts again even if there was nothing she could do. It seemed the only way to let Imari slip away fighting for his life.

    “Please. Please. Help me.” Ranger Roberts shook his head and getting to his feet, walked off and left her alone. Two other elephants were laying on the ground next to Imari. By morning there would only be five left.

    “No, “ Adilyn whispered falling onto Imari’s back.

    “Why does He need to take you too?” Imari blinked in response. He was in greater pain than Adilyn could ever imagine. The stars and moon poured down on them and made the tears on Adilyn's cheeks sparkle.  By morning, Imari’s last breath had left him and his body was cold. Adilyn was tired, drained of emotion, and completely alone. Now what would she do? Where should she go? There was nowhere left. She was sure of that. Adilyn kissed Imari’s head, then slowly got to her feet and dragged her feet across the ground until she was out of the elephant’s cage. The prison where so many had fallen dead.

    At last she made it into the office. There were suitcases all over the floor and the room was sad, practically empty. Ranger Roberts was packing the last of his things when Adilyn entered and sat in a chair, staring at the ground. Ranger Roberts looked up at her.

    “Out there all night?” She nodded slightly, not taking her eyes off the ground.

    “It’ll be alright. You just have to let these kind of things go.” It wasn’t what she wanted to hear. Adilyn was just about to protest that she couldn’t, Imari was the only family and happiness she’d had left when a new voice filled the room. A pleasant voice that filled the, both with fear.

    “Ahh, is that what you do, Roberts?” The Ranger paled and began to shake. Then he spun around to face the figure stepping into the light. How had they not noticed him before? He was just as handsome as in the picture, dressed all in black with his dark hair in the (I’m flawless without trying) look. But now Adilyn could see his wild eyes up close. They were beautiful, but made her want to run and hide.

    “Raz.” Roberts tried to growl the name with confidence, but his voice was shaking so much that it came out weak and rather pathetic. Raz was holding a gun, pointing it right at Ranger Roberts.

    “Trying to run away again? Give me one good reason I shouldn’t kill you on the spot.”

    “You would go to prison again?” Roberts forced a weak laugh and Raz stepped closer to him.

    “You’re pathetic Roberts. Low, pathetic, and weak. Killing you now would just save the government the trouble.”

“No please!” Roberts held up his hands.

“I’ve done nothing wrong!” Raz laughed,

“Nothing wrong? I’d tell you everything you’ve done wrong, I had a nice long year to think about it thanks to you, but telling you would only stall your death and give you chance to escape. We all know where that leads. It’d be better to kill you now.” Without another word, three loud blasts filled the room and Robert’s screams were cut off as he hit the floor. Blood soaking into the carpet. Adilyn looked away in disgust and instead looked at Raz. He was noticing her presence for the first time.

“And who are you? Another one of Robert’s girlfriends I suppose?” He stepped over Roberts and moved closer to her, pointing the gun at her heart. Adilyn jumped out of her chair and ran for the door but Raz beat her there.

“Oh no Dear, we can’t let any witnesses get away.” He stood between her and the door, one hand pointing the gun against her throat, the other gripping her wrist to stop her from opening the door.

“Please, I’m not his girlfriend!” Raz laughed,

“Then who are you? Might as well match a name to that pretty face before you join Roberts on the floor.”

“I... I’m Adilyn. I had an elephant that lived here in the zoo.” Raz loosened his grip on her wrist a bit and lowered his guard just slightly.

“The girl crying outside last night?” Adilyn nodded, her eyes wide with fear. Raz’s eyes changed, from hate to sympathy.
    “I had an elephant too, not very long ago. I have a feeling we lost them the same way.” Raz looked back at Robert’s body then back at Adilyn.

“I better be out of here, before they find him. I guess I’ll catch you later love.” Then He opened the door and ran out. Leaving Adilyn with Roberts lifeless body and the gift of her own life.

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