*Complete* Part one to Elephas. The story of a strange sickness that begins to kill elephants in captivity and in the wild. When Adilyn finds herself forced into the heart of this mystery she realizes that she might be as interested and in it for the gold as the other players.


2. Chapter 2

"This sure is a lot of grass." The delivery man said as he helped bring it into the barn. Adilyn blushed and looked away. It was always embarrassing when people commented on the large portions of food she purchased regularly. 

"Do you have a horse or something?" The man asked. Nice enough but the question was still hinting. He wanted an answer like anyone else, but this was something personal, she didn't feel like going into it with a stranger.

"Yes, I do." Adilyn said, shooing the man out now that he had finished helping.

"Thanks so much for all your help." He left awkwardly but Adilyn didn't mind, as long as he was gone. Now that he'd left, she thought she should check her email. Just last night she had uploaded an advertisement. 

"Elephant for sale! Gender: Male. Name: Imari, meaning faithful and loyal which describes him perfectly. He is loyal, sweet, and extremely friendly. He loves to play, he's three years old, and he's healthy. Price: $15,000.00 or best offer." Adilyn loved her elephant, but he's become too big to keep. She couldn't afford to keep up with him. Although it broke her heart, she knew it was time to say goodbye. Looking through her email list she was surprised to see someone asking about Imari already. They were willing to buy Imari for the full price and were wondering if Adilyn would come along to train and take care of him. He would adjust to his new home better that way. Adilyn was stunned. How could she get so lucky? Looking at the email again she scrolled down to see who it was from.
"San Diego Zoo," She whispered in surprise, then she read further.They had a few elephants who are very sick and might die, they were trying to bring in a few more take take the place of the sick ones. It sounded like a wonderful opportunity and Adilyn felt there was no question about it. They were moving to San Diego. 

By: Ally Kendrick 

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