*Complete* Part one to Elephas. The story of a strange sickness that begins to kill elephants in captivity and in the wild. When Adilyn finds herself forced into the heart of this mystery she realizes that she might be as interested and in it for the gold as the other players.


10. Chapter 10

“What did he say?” Raz asked when she got back in the car.

“Roberts came before you and offered to give medicine to Dorothy. Then after she died he came back and took her body. He also said that Dorothy died because someone had been feeding her a bunch of rat poison.”

“She was little elephant, I bet that did kill her.” Raz said to himself, thinking everything over.

“But that means the two poisons used were different. If Roberts killed Dorothy out of jealousy and anger, along with many other animals. Then he might have sold her to someone, elephant tusks and other parts go for a lot of money. That’s where the treasure came from. But we’d have to track down the dealer to make sure.”

“What about Mr. Sans and Roberts debt to him?” Raz thought for awhile.

“Maybe, Roberts gambled everything away and leant from Mr. Sans, then began killing elephants at the zoo to pay him back and still have extra money stored up. Then when my letters came, it seemed like a good time to run off. Roberts wasn’t good at keeping secrets, and word might have got around to Mr. Sans about what was happening. He probably killed the other elephants to make up for the money owed to him by Roberts planning to frame him but then Roberts died. I suppose that’s why the poison was different. But that’s just an idea.”

“Where do we go to find out if that’s what happened?”

“We’ll have to find the dealer.”

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