High School Anxiety (A Dairy about Life)

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


54. Gemma's High School Life

          I have come to an idea. But I am not going to tell you what it is. I have not done one of these in the middle of the day for a long while now. But I think that with me working on something else it has come down to this. That is not my idea. My idea is. to start a new one of these when I hit 100 chapters. I think that would be enough right? I don't know. If I do this daily then I might have already hit 100. I would have done three in a year. I year is 365 days. (I just looked it up.) But the main part of the idea is telling you my real name. Then again if you know the nickname I go under then you would now what my name is already. 

          I am a female I have not lied about that. But my name is not really Gemma. I like that name. I don't like my real name. It is too long for my liking and I am constantly having to tell people I am not a male. Gabe is the male version of my name. Can you guess what my real name is from that hint? Well, it's fine if you can't. I am Gabby. Most call me Gabby. But my full name is Gabrielle. I hate that name. I am fine with Gabby but I hate my longer name. I am right in the middle of class right now. I really like my school. I wasn't lying about that either. I have one class for a month and then I go on to the next. I don't like the class that I have last of the first part of the school year. Have you heard of an expeditionary  school? Well, I go to one. It is pretty cool. I am going to have to go soon to get my next picture of a tree. 

          Okay so. I am not done I guess. I thought that  was. Sadly I was not. At the last part of the day, everyone that had Ecology for the first class was called in to get everything. When I went in I was asked to stay behind so the teacher could talk to me. (Yeah, that one is never a good sign. That is mostly why I never stay in that room then.) But I had chosen to change my habit and stay to see what it was about. It turns out that the whole month of doing shit nothing wasn't good enough! I was told that I would have to redo everything because 'I hadn't done anything different'! When I had done something differtant! Maybe if they got their heads out of their asses then they would have seen that. (Sorry if I say stuff like that. I am just so mad at them right now.) So we were given the sheets that our classmates filled out and everyone left happy. I should have left with them. I would have been happy right now had I done that. If that wasn't bad enough I pretty much told Dragon that I was pissed in no words! I walked faster to get the hell out of that school. I walked faster to get the hell away from them. (Best friends are great, right? They can see the things that are really killing us inside and try to either calms us down or hold us back, or even just step out of the way.)

          When I got half way home from walking I just flat out ran until I couldn't anymore. I felt a little better after the small run. I was still pretty peeved but I held it off and walked like a robot until I got home. When I got home I set my backpack down in the basement and walked right back outside. I was going to get rid of my angry even if I hurt myself (I did by the way). I wasn't told to do so but I pretty much got down all the Halloween stuff and raked the front and back yard before my mother had gotten home at 3. I had gotten home at 12 in the afternoon. That was the fastest walk that I had ever had. But then again you can't blame me. And they told me that just as I was getting my stomach back too. So my stomach is still gone. Not hungry enough to eat anything and that worked to my favor. I got most of everything done with only having to stop for an apple right after the Halloween things. But I am still pretty angry at them. If you could hear me typing on my computer than you would know. And I told Dragon to go easy on the keys. HAHAHAHA I should be telling that to myself. But I know that I wouldn't listen to myself anyway. 

          I was scolded by Dragon for saying what I wanted to do. You know what it is much better than doing what I want to be doing. If I did that I might not be writing this. But I have made a promise to myself. If I see, hear, or even think, that Sara and Chris are coming close to me I will leave everything and walk the other way. Or hid from them. Call me a coward but I would rather that then what they are going to TRY and make me redo. No way in the Devils Forsaken Hell will they get me to do another presentation. And by that I mean the Devil himself has a place for something things that are worst then Demons and worst than the Devil himself. Even if they sent me there I would not give them what they want. I don't care if I fail them. I don't ike them. I couldn't give them a shit. I hate art but I like d it this time when we were working with something that I liked. But scince will always be my least best. i got a four for scince last year. I was good at it somehow. I didn't know how but I was. Now I hate it and couldn't give a shit if I failed. But I probly should I will have to make it up later. I don't care as long as I don't have to deal with Chirs or Sara EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! 

          Sorry but I ad to get that off of my chest. It was bruning at me like a hot rock burns skin. Well I should go. If I don't I might just blow up again and that would be bad. Well ... Bye.

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