High School Anxiety (A Dairy about Life)

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


49. Gemma's high school Life

          I know that I didn't do these over the weekend but I was a bit busy. I had to decor the front yard and then I had to go and get my Drivers permit. And then I had to get a new phone because the one I has didn't do anything. I had to rake the leaves and then I and a friend come over and we went to a haunted house. 

          The decorating the front yard that was fun. It took a while yes but it was very fun to see what I could do with everything that we had. We even went out and got new things for it too. We now have a cool look spider hanging on the railing that we have in front of the house and spider web that was hell to out up. I never want to play with that stuff again. I hate it that much. It was fun to put it everywhere, though. I helped put lights in the tree and the bones of cats and dogs that we got at Big Lots. I had lots of fun with it because I was listening to ... Can you guess? Halloween music. I know that it might still be a little early but it was fun.

          On Friday I was taken to the DMV and waited in line for hours to get to the thing that I needed to take for it. The best part was that my mother hates the DMV and she took me both times we went. The first time she didn't have the right birth certificate. And the second time she didn't have the right proof of address. But she had one in her car so we got away with that one. It took forever. Or what felt like forever. I can understand why she doesn't like the DMV but seeing her reaction to things like that make me smile. And I don't smile all that often anymore. 

          On that same day we had to go and get me a new phone. I liked it. It meant that I got to kill the other one. I hated the other one. I didn't want a phone that I could use as a table but I still got one. I don't know why I had said that I didn't want a tablet for a phone that means that it's not the size of a small table. 

          The rest of the weekend was nothing but laughs. I mean yes I was still remembering the bad day but I had my friend with me. Don't be surprised if I call her a sister sometimes. I think of her like one. We went to a bad haunted house. It wasn't very scary so much as funny. Well, I should go.

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