High School Anxiety (A Dairy about Life)

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


48. Gemma's high school Life

          I am not feeling on top of the game today. I honestly feel like I am going to pick. Yesterday I had a bad stomach from eating anything. So today I didn't eat anything for breakfast. I want to eat something but I am afraid to because I know that I am going to be in some real pain. 

          It is time for supper now. But I don't want to eat it no matter how good it smells or how good it looks. My stomach wants me to eat it but it also hurts a lot if I do. Last night after supper I couldn't get anything done because it hurt so bad. It was honestly not something I want to do again. I didn't eat breakfast this morning or lunch in the afternoon. I did all that out of fear of eating. It also tastes funny. I had made myself a water bottle before I left for school but each time I drank out of it, it tasted a little like rotten food. Yet I still drank out of it because I wanted people to think that nothing was wrong with it. I had some little cake hole things when my mother left to go pick up my sister and they tasted like fish. Fish! They didn't have fish I them. I think that it might just be me but it could always be others that know food doesn't taste good anymore. It doesn't taste the way it used to. I am done for now. But I hope to have one out to more. I am going to go and eat the food that will probably taste bad. Well, wish me luck. Bye.

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