High School Anxiety (A Dairy about Life)

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


45. Gemma's high school Life

          The first half of the day was nothing. I did nothing. I said nothing. And it was nothing. But the second half is what is just better, in my opine. So my dad finally got the bookshelves up and I filled them up with the books that I have been very slowly. It is actually achingly slowly. But I am getting them back. It still makes me want to cry every time I allow myself to think about what had happened that day. But I have been working to make it better than I could have hoped for. I mean it is never going to be back the way it was. But something is better than nothing, right?

          My heart is broken. It is all because books have won my heart over with not even a, though. I gave my heart to books and they broke it. They broke it because their dad said that they couldn't be with me and now they have foud a way back to me. This is purely a metaphor. I do not mean it for real but it does feel like it is very real. I am still being quiet around everyone. This time, it is not only because I have gotten sick. It is always because I am suffering a broken heart and sadly anyone who's heart has been broken knows what it feels like. I have never felt like this not even once. But now that the one day happened I will forever know what a broken heart feels like. I never want to feel it again. It might have something to do with that fact that feeling is not my strong point in life. 

          There I go again sounding like a book person. Anyway before I get to crying about that day, I have been sick for a while now and if you know me well enough you know that I HATE BEING SICK! For me being sick means days off from school. That is one good thing and one bad thing. Good thing being I get to work on my books. Bad thing being I miss a day of school. My next class is going to be Intro Into Flim. It doesn't sound fun and it doesn't look fun. But as long as I don't have to do anything that involves talking and in front of people. I can't stand that. Oh well I mean I had a friend that was in this class and he told me that they watched movies all the time foremost of the class and then did stuff for the rest of it. I am happy that it is in the library. I love being there. If you love books I think that your favourite place is going to be a library. I mean full of books. 

          This sounds to me like it is all about books, books, and more books. Sorry if you don't like to read about me and books but we go together like water and fish. (sorry, that was the closest thing that was near me that made sense.) Well, I should go I have to get back to work and all that jazz. Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye bYe Bye Bye Bye bYe Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.

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