High School Anxiety (A Dairy about Life)

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


43. Gemma's high school Life

          I am finally here. We have been in Texas for 7 hours. I don't like the heat but I love it here. I have never seen the ocean until today. You should have seen me. I was just standing there I looked so werid. But what can I say? I have never seen the ocean and I have never felt the water splash my feet. It felt great. The only thing is that I am not hungry and I have to eat. I don't want to scary the others here but I don't want to eat. I mean so far I have had one meal here and I love it. The food tastes great but I am not hungry.

           Today I went to the beach. My first time at the beach! I was so hypnotistives by the wves and the pull of the ocean that I had to stop myself before I got too deep into the water. I think that I am going to do it again tommorw as well. I just hope that my headach goes away. I mean I have never been this close to the equtor. I love that I really feel at home here. It is a bit concering thought. I have never been here and yet it feels like I have just come back from a long trip away from here. 

          Most of the day was driving here and getting lunch. I think that I am going to not be so hard on DragonSlaryer when I get back. She is from Texas. She told me that I should come here. I have to say though I wish that I would have been here before. I know that it might seem stuipd but I am going to try and find a pices of coral to take back with me. I am also going to get a few books and, if I can, a necklace that has something to do with the sea. 

          The day isn't even over and I just had to fill you in on what had been happening. When we got here I got straigt into the water. No not the ocean. I wasn't ready for that. I want to swim around for a bit so we went to the pool first and had a little fun there and then we went to the pool. If I could take a picture on my laptop I would but I can't so I can only tell you what I have seen.

          If you could see in my eyes than here is a picture of words. The moon is just at the horizen with a pink and purple background. The birds are deffietnly making themselves known by flying around in the air looking at home there. There are white things in the water. They are far away from the shore so I can't see what they are but they are their. I can see a boyi. I think that is how it is spelled but not sure. Have you ever seen the differtant shades of the sky? I haven't and now that I have I hate that I haven't ever seen it. And the waves that are rippling the surface of the water? It is just a sigth that I can't give up easily. 

          Whatever a author told you about what the sea is like get it out of your head. It is nothing like that. I came here thinking that it would be just like the books and I was sad when it didn't even match it. It was so much better. I can't smell the salt water, I can't feel the fish. I can't see the bottom of the ocean floor with standing on the shore. I can't do a lot of what those books have told me about it. But it is better then I though it woud have been. I can seem the heat though. Is that one normal? I didn't think so after what my sister had told me but she is a differtant person. And I am a differtant person. Those authors could have actullsy seen what they discribed, could have actully smelled what they said, but I can't. Well I have to go. It is time for dinner. Bye Bye Bye!

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