High School Anxiety (A Dairy about Life)

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


28. Gemma's high school Life

        I will warn you now. I have done nothing for the past few days it might be boring t read this.


          For the past few days I have been doing nothing but sitting in class playing with clay and doing pretty much NOTHING!!!!! It is driving me insane. I have had nothing to do for a few days and I have always had to do something. I don't know where I out it from but I know that I have to do something all the time. If I don't I go stir crazy. Right now I am sitting outside enjoying the fresh air and cool night breeze. Not something that I do all that often. Yesterday I wrote done every book on my list of books that I want. That was about the best thing that I had done that day. Today I went and marked off the books that I already have. Now I have NOTHING to do. I have always had to do something. I know that I am repteing myself, but what can I say? I am BORED!!!!!! I NEED something to do.

          Well as for sitting outside. I thought that a change from my bedroom would be nice to write this. I mean I have always written these in my bedroom. Of course you proable didn't want to know that. The grands had came and left. I was at least making an effort to be nice to them. My sister on the other hand well she was just plain rude. Now if her friends said that they didn't like me then would she just do the same thing? I think that she is acting kind of like Monkey see, Monkey do. I think that is not what she should be doing. I think that she should be doing what she wants and when she wants. But than again she hit the stage of teenager like a boss. She hit it harder than I did. I berealy even touched it. That is the thing. She hit full on well I was still avoiding it. 

        I don't know why I didn't go as far out as she did but she went full on teen! And that is scary. I think that I just missed the gene. I mean I am more responsible then her. Than again these words that are coming out are more my opin of myself than any than alse. I think I should be quiet now.

          I honesty don't have much to write about. I am going to the DMV tomorrow. If that is anything. I hate it. I am going to have to wait in a line FOREVER!!! I don't want to do that. (yes I know that I am being over dramatic, but it is true) I had never been to the DMV and I don't want to. What do you think? If you had to go to the DMV just with someone that you knew, would you go and wait in line with them for that long?  Wellp I think that is all that I have to tell you about how boring my day was. I hope you did enjoy this very boring thing but hey you  were warned before you started to read the thing. 

By the way Halloween is coming up I can't wait for it. I have a costume sort of ready for the Haunted house that I am going to. I might not write on Halloween night. I might do something the day before though so just watch out for that. Bye.

There are mistakes in this don't be too hard on me. I can't think at 7 at night.

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