High School Anxiety (A Dairy about Life)

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


24. Gemma's high school LIfe

          Okay so I have something to write about  now. Today somewhat a lot has happened. I took my written part of the Driving test. I had to deal with a time restrict while I was in a store. I had a lot of very cool things happen to me today. I really like what happened.

          So with the Drivers thing. I took the written part of my Drivers test and failed! Okay I am joking. I passed with flying colors. Okay maybe not with flying colors, but still pretty good for someone who doesn't like tests. I missed three questions and I got it first try!!!!! I am very happy bout it because I was soooo scared when I didn't get called in the first few. I mean it is not like I  wanted to fail it the first try but that would have been good for me. I think that had I failed the first time I would be a little better off. I think that you have heard enough about that part of my day which was by far the best part.

          So with the store thing. My sister wanted a sandwich and a bag of chips instead of my favorite CHILLY!!!!!!!!!! I love helping make it and I love helping get rid of it. So I am helping make it and eat it. I just can't believe that my sister doesn't like chilly. I mean that is just sad. My dad makes the best chilly, at least the best to me. I love that it gets hotter in cold. I mean I love spicy and it is just the best. That and I convinced my dad to get me a red hot chilly pepper. I am not one to ask for a pepper. So back to the thing that I was talking about, I had to run through the store and it was the best. I am not one that likes to run so the fact that I liked it means something.

          I had one other good thing happen to me while I was at the store. I had asked my dad for a book that I had been wanting to get for as long as I knew that it was out. Can you guess what book it was? It was Harry Potter and The Cursed Child! I had been trying and dying to get my hands on that book for a long time. But I finally have it! It was 25% off at my grocery store. It was the best thing that had happened so far. Not even the passing on my Drivers thing was the best. It felt like it was cool but the Harry Potter thing by far the best thing that had happens today! I thing that is all that happened but it was the best thing that has happened in a long time for me. I had a lot of things happen stuff I don't think I have written about and I don't think that I will for a while. At least not until it is just a very unpleasant and very long time ago memory. Well I am going to go. So Bye Bye!

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