High School Anxiety (A Dairy about Life)

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


18. Gemma's high school Life

          I know that I didn't do one of these last night but can you blame me? I was busy. I had to do chores and when I did have time my friends wanted to talk about something so I am doing it now. 

          The most exciting thing has happened. HALLOWEEN HAS COME AT LAST!!!!!!!!! I am going with a group of my closeted friends to The City Of The Dead! We are halloween people. Spooky people. We love being scared and scaring others. This time is going to be different. I don't plan on going to a lock in at my church.

          With the church thing I don't really like it. They have rules for Halloween. You can't do something dark, You can be a vampire, or werewolf, or anything like that blah blah blah blah blah blah! They take fun out of Halloween. The only fun thing about being there would have to be the ghost filled church. But nope not anymore. I want more scares! I want more fear! And I want more FUN! 

          I don't know what I am going to be. Once I know I will tell you. Last year I did a Harry Potter thing with my friend. I was Hermione. My friend was Harry. and that was that. This year we are going to do something like that, but much much much DARKER, and much much much SCARIER! My friends are the best that I have. We don't can for much of any other holiday other then this one. 

          The City Of The Dead is in Denver and it is just about the best thing that my mom could have told me that I could go! I can walk around this big haunted house. And when I am done with that one then I can go to the zombie thing that they have (it is not the zombie crawl), and then I can walk around the City Of Carnage! Which for me means blood, gore, and more blood! I might be weird to a lot of people but when it comes to Halloween I can be the scares and weirdest and most of all the most me I can get on any day of the year. Halloween is my holiday. I take it as serious as daylight is real. I go all out and I can be ME. I cant be me any other day of the week. I look forward to Halloween every time of year, day, mouth, or hour. I love it!

          I don't have much else for you but Halloween. I will tell when I have a costume for it. Halloween is right around the corner and if you stand close enough you can just barely see it. Sorry I am getting ahead of myself by a mouth. Halloween is next mouth but I love to plan it a few mouths in advice. It gives me time to see what would be the best costume and what we could do on that day. I have yet to spend more then one Halloween in the house handing out candy. (I have only done that once. It was the worst Halloween.) I love Halloween and my personality says I was meant for it.

          With it this close it is time to start the house monserting, and start the graveyard in the front. And when that is done we have a few moments to sit back and look at what has been done and than we go on to the best. Finding the candy and sitting done to the best Halloween movies that we can have. (they aren't really scary but it is still a nice though.)  And when everything is ready we will add a little more things that we get for around the house. Last year I found a picture frame that looked really cool. It was of a couple and there maid. The maid was standing over them not looking happy at all and if you move there heads are in her hands and not on there bodies. 

         If this is anything to go by I will be changing everything just for Halloween. My phone will be a monster, my tablet a different thing, and my clothing something else. I will change profiles, and EVERYTHING. Halloween is the best and is MY time of the year. Of course I was born in the winter as far away from Halloween as known possible, but that is not going to stop me. I think that being more in the month were people give roses and pink and purple things might have made me the very opposite of what that month says. Of course I have found a love. It is just of a day a year and involves scaring the life out of kids and people who don't know anything about something paranormal. I can talk about this all day. I have to go  otherwise you might start to hate Halloween and I  can't have that. Bye my spooky monsters that haunt the night and day.

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