High School Anxiety

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


6. Gemma's high school life

            Well here I am again.  I got excepted to the school! I can't say how happy I am! I just got into the school I wanted and wow I love it! I never want to leave that school but I had to just to go home! I also hate that so family is coming over I don't mind family coming but when I have to sleep on a hard couch for a week I do. I hate it.

         Your basement is coldest in the house. And I have to sleep their for a week! Why can't they stay in Iowa? That's their home and this is mine. I hate the basement the t.v. is hard to ignore and loud. I hope She doesn't come over for a night. My older sister oh how I hate her. 

         She always comes over and acts like she owns the place. How I hate it. I wish she would stay at her house. Because heaven for bid she come and destroy my life even more. I wish I could just stay in my room like I always do. BUT FOR A WEEK I WILL BE DOWN STAIRS FREEZING MY ASS OFF while everyone is up here nice COMFORTABLE, and sleeping. Oh wait they will see how man I can't be not reading my books or sleeping soundly in MY bed. I hate family over when I have to sleep some where other then my bed. And being the oldest in the house means that's all the time. Oh if they make my room smell like sex and achoch I swear I will not sleep in here for a few nights til that naste smell is out. They will be leaving on Sunday and come on Monday. 

             Well I think I am done completely complaining about that. I would like to tell you about what my day was about. I got a hair cut. I read a littlebit. Did a bit of writing and complaining. Played some games. That's it. Sadly my weekends are always like that. Long and borning. Well I have to go now see you soon.

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