High School Anxiety (A Dairy about Life)

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


4. Gemma's high school life

           Well here's something I forgot about storms. They don't last forever! And on Monday we had  to take that damn test. And you know what I tried really hard. If I get something above a D I will be surprised. That test was super hard. No notes and no book. I was (as usual ) the last person to finish at the end of class. So I didn't get to read my book again. I want to I really really want to. But no time means no time. I just got a new book and I have started  reading it but I just can't finish it because I can't find time.

         That is always the issue. Time! Time, it's like something that has you in its grip and you want out. But time has one of those grips that are really hard to get out of if anyone can get out. I hate having to use the same old thing over and over again. "I didn't have enough time!" We never have enough time. Life's too short. Time is so stupid. Who came up with it? Why would someone what to put us on earth when we are going to die? But back to time. I hate it. There's not much to say about time. Time is a pain. Trying to get fit balmy it on time. Homework not enough time. I hate it. The issues time gives us all. 

            The book. I love reading. I just love to read. Nothing is better for me then to sit down on a couch or my bed with a good book and start reading. The new book. I have been going on about Alice in wonderland so I wanted something on that line. So I got Splintered. It's a good book. I like how the character is brave and jumps down the rabbit hole. And the weird looking new characters that's the best part. I really am trying to read it but I have other books I am reading too. And have you ever tried to read three or two books at once. Not fun! I get my stories confused and can't talk about this or that without mixing the stories together. Well it's time for bed. Bye for now.

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