High School Anxiety (A Dairy about Life)

My mind is different than yours and yours is different from the next but do we share how we all think about high school? Everything has been changed and everything is different.


32. Gema's high school Life

         It has been a few days since I did one of these, but nothing to write about as it turns out. I have little to write about still. But I do have one thing. This upcoming week I will be in Texas. I asked to go and now I don't want to. It is supposed to be burning hot and I don't do well with heat which is why my fan and window are open when everyone thinks that it is freezing. I am very tried but I am going to keep doing this until I feel like I have said enough.

          For my family, they are taking a vacation, but for me, my work has only just began. I am taking this trip for the haunts and history part. As silly as it might seem I don't do vacations. I go places to see what I can learn about it and then I learn more than people think about it.My mother has set up the trip and I am going to show her up by doing something that I really am terrified to do. She thinks that I will chicken out on going parasailing. Well if she thinks I will she is probably right but I am going to try by hardest to show her up on that.

          I am sure that three bottles of sunscreen will not be enough but I am not sure. They are new bottles. My whole family thinks s that I need to get burned but I say Hell no. I want the white that I am. Red and I aren't friends. I burn very easily in the sun so I HAVE to have sunscreen. I just wish that it would rain or that I would have asked to go somewhere away from the equator. What had gotten into my mind to go someplace like that? I have nothing against southern places. I love southern places. I just wish that we were going to the haunted artifacts museum and not to Texas.

          I at least have one good think coming out of it. I am going to find and hopefully get as many freaking ghost books and history books and I can while I am there. my family thinks that I am crazy for wanting to know more about history than everything else. But if my history teachers taught my History and not what we all know is happening I wouldn't want to know about the history of places. I mean come on the are there to tell us the mistakes and great things of the past and then what we do with that said information is to not make those mistakes. Mine like to tell me what is going on when I already know about it. Oh well, they are only making me read more and I am happy with that.

          I am planning on going to the SS Lexington. A 'haunted' ship. I am not sure but at least I can go SOMEWHERE I know something about. I want to go to the Stanly that is not that far it is only in Eastes and we live in Colorado. I mean that would be the smartest choice for a ghost hunting thing. But NO. My sister can go, my best friend can go. WHY CAN"T I GO TOO?!?!? I have been DYING to find out what secrets lie behind those walls. 

          Well, my computer is about to die I should go and charge it now. Well Bye. And hey thanks if you did stick through the whole ranting bit. I tend to rant a lot.

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