Shes so perfect

Niall is from one direction yeah ? But what happens when he is in a park on a Bench and he sits next to the most beautiful girl ever. What happens then ? Does he talk to her? Does she realise who it is ? Find out in this book
First novella on one direction so don't judge btw go to my wattpad one it's great !


2. getting to the concert.

I picked my friends up considering I am going to the one direction concert tonight. I went to niall and told him that my mom said it was fine for me to go with them. I had to be back for a certain time though so I couldn't be late and I have school in the morning. I went up to Niall and told him what was going to happen. He was fine with it so I went to my friends house and each of their favourite members would go up including me and Niall. We were going up anyway. Plus a good thing was that I was allowed for them to have a sleepover with the boys because we moved house again. But we got a 5 bed so I had a room to myself and it was big enough for all the boys to stay in and I got invited to their next Tour. I was allowed to go to it. I went to the bus we were riding to the concert. They had shown me where to go when I was going to be with them for 2 years. I had finished all my work and I had been 18 years old. So I could go if I wanted to because my mom couldn't stop me from going. Secretly I did want to go to the tour. It would be fun but I would then go after to well finish my career. I would be a teacher for primary school all years so I could be a year 6 one point and then reception the next and I could be any teacher. Niall and I had gotten engaged. And then we'd be together married and no one would spoil it. I had good grades. I got an A* in my health and social care and a B in maths and C in English so I got good qualifications. Hopefully I would get a well paid job.

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