Shes so perfect

Niall is from one direction yeah ? But what happens when he is in a park on a Bench and he sits next to the most beautiful girl ever. What happens then ? Does he talk to her? Does she realise who it is ? Find out in this book
First novella on one direction so don't judge btw go to my wattpad one it's great !


1. busy day at the studio

One direction are very busy with their tour schedule but this time they had a break in Birmingham. They decided to go to cannock to look around beside all the young fans would be at school or at work for older fans. He walked up to the nearby bench but noticed a kid younger than him there. It was a Monday so he thought she'd be at school but obviously not because of a reason but he had to be back by 5 because he has a concert tonight. He went up to the girl and asked her if he could sit next to her. She said yes. She had beautiful blonde hair and a tint of brown like she'd dyed her hair that colour so Niall said to her you have beautiful hair. He had his sunglasses on so she wouldn't recognise him at first. Hey my names Niall Horan. She immediately looked up when he told her his name. Wait your the Niall Horan from one direction ? Oh my god. I actually met him and he is sitting next to me. She thought for a moment. Could you take your sunglasses off so I can see your face ?

Sure thing love he said to me. Hey why aren't you at school? Well I am going to your concert tonight and I wanted the day off to relax because I wouldn't concentrate on my work thinking of the concert why aren't you working? Well we've had days off but...

He couldn't finish his sentence when a message had come on his phone. It was Louis. He had messaged him. He put:

Hey Niall we need you at the studio at 3 and it's urgent. See ya bud.

He sighed again and thought I could take this wonderful girl. Hey would you like to meet the other guys ?

Yes I'd love that but your security won't let me in. I'll just say your my girlfriend. New girlfriend which you will be anyway. I almost forgot what is your beautiful name ? It's Ashleigh Taylor. That's my name. It's a beautiful name. So do you want to go on the park for an hour before Paul comes to pick us up? I'll push you on the swings plus it's only one thirty and I am rather hungry. You're always hungry and ok let's go Ni? she called me my nickname only people who like me call me that and the boys too. Just need to message Louis back.

Hey Lou sure I've got someone you can meet. All of your boys.

See ya Ni

I quickly sent it then stood up and put my hand out to ash being the gentleman I am and we went to a nice restaurant. Also we had a lot of fun

I had a ham sandwich and Niall had half the restaurant. He paid for the meal. So he must like me!

I paid for this meal and I said I'd pay for anything she wanted. She then blushed red. I really like this girl and she's coming to our concert tonight! This is a good thing. It's now two. Hey ash do you want to go to the swings. I'll push you then we can go for Ice Cream? Yes I would like that Ni

Come on then race you to the swing ? I'll beat you.

Half hour later. Hey ash we should get Ice Cream and wait for Paul he'll be here soon. Come on then what flavour? Bubblegum and chocolate for me and I'll pay for this Ni.

No you won't I will ! He crossed his arms like a five year old and stuck his tongue out at me and all I could do was laugh and accept him paying. He'd have a tantrum or else. Come on Ni there's a que. Ok I'll have the same bubblegum and chocolate. Thanks bye.

We walked to the parking lot and it was only quater to threes so we decided to sit on a bench. Hey you got some on your nose. Let me get it off. Hey that's not fair. Come here you. I'll get you in a fake angry tone. He stopped when his phone went off and I snook up and put it on his arm and nose without him looking and held my laugh in. Hey Ni you have something on your nose and arm. He went up to me and started tickling me luckily we'd finished our Ice Cream or else it'd be everywhere. So what you want to do now? Well we wait for Paul so i guess we wait then. It's five to three so he'll be parked up in the car park. He stopped to message Paul back saying we were at the crossing part of the car park and soon enough we were seeing a long black limo. It was beautiful and the inside was a dream for my prom. I loved it and we had some food because Niall had told Paul he was hungry again so he got food for him. Here we go we're at the studio. Let's go and meet up with the boys. Niall went in and I followed along. He stopped at the door with the sign recording studio. He opened the door and there was Liam Louis and harry. Hey guys I'd like you to meet ash my new girlfriend who is actually my girlfriend. She is called Ashleigh but call her ash and she's only Wait I don't know her age but yeah be nice or else your dead! In a playful way. Soon enough I met Louis Liam and Harry. I had a lot of fun with them I even tried out their recording room and sang for them and they said I could be the fifth member I was that good. They even invited me to go on stage with them! I told them I was only 14 so I couldn't go to the concert alone. They said they'd sort something out for them to come pick me up.

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