Lexy Smith finds herself landing in London after a disastrous fire at her old town in America. She's still under investigation when she finds the people who have helped her the most throughout the time of her friends and families death.


1. Getting to know Lexy


                                                                                      Lexy's POV

Lexy only believed what had happened to her, as she stepped of the plane in London. She'd never been this far from home before and to be quite honest she was glad. She couldn't bear the look on her fathers face as he got burned alive in front of her eyes. Her mother fled when she was 2 years old to go live in a fancy mansion with some pensioner her 'one and only love' but everybody knew it was just for money but she was always like that being greedy was just apart of her, and as soon as she walked out the door Lexy's life had fallen apart. Her father was skint her brother hung himself however he was bullied and beaten because wasn't the posh kid at school anymore and had no power to stop it. So now Lexy was alone in a massive world and had no idea of where to go from here apart from her initiative. She knew she would have had to leave earlier anyway however she never thought it would be because of such circumstances.


It'd been almost half an hour since she'd been on a stuffy airplane for 6 hours, surrounded by children, babies and even worse a cheesy girl airline instructor who somehow managed to keep the smile she had permanently plastered to her face, even as she had to repeat herself 4 times before a teenage boy could make up his mind on the specials.   To be completely honest Lexy would have liked to stay outside and just think while the wind continued to sway her hair in a messy, yet somehow perfect harmony, however she stumbled over to the side of the road and in a swift movement put a thumbs up to a passing taxi, ushering it to stop.                                      


Although its Lexy's first day here she needed to go see the social worker she agreed to meet as there are some issues about her living by herself. She had no money. No job. No house so therefore she has to stay at a hotel which she can't afford to live at even temporarily. And nobody to help her manage everything. So Lexy decides she must go and unwillingly trudges towards the door between the sweet smell of incense inside her hotel room and the busy hallway full of happy families. 

She always wondered what that felt like.   _____________________________________________________________________________________________          




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