truth or dare the HP way

Emma goes to England for a summer vacation. On her way back to America, she finds out that the Harry Potter characters followed her.she decides to have some fun!


8. 6th Dare

Emma wakes up and sees Winter sitting on the windowsill.

"Hey Winter, got any dares for today?"she asked Winter then took the envelope out of her talons. "Ah, this is a good one"

                                                          5 minutes later

Emma had decided to start letting her captives eat breakfast upstairs. When Draco came upstairs to the dinner table,she pulled him over.

"Ok" she says"todays dare is for u to dump Ginny and go to Hermione"

"I'm fine with that"he says."Dating Ginny was getting a little old anyways."

"Now that's the spirit!" Said Emma.

In the dining room

"Ginny, it's over!" yells Draco.

Ginny starts crying.

Later that day when Ginny is out of the room

"Hey Hermione" Draco says while approaching Hermione.

"Hey Draco" she says."douwannagooutwithme?" He asks her really fast and nervously.

"What?" She asks.

"Do u wanna go out with me?" he says more calmly.

" I thought you'd never ask." Hermione says while she jumps into his arms and they start kissing.

Then Ginny walks in and screams.

She startled Hermione and Draco.

Then they go back to kissing.


Hey guys! Thanks for everything and I love all my readers! That dare was from Bella Riddle.

-Country Girl


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