truth or dare the HP way

Emma goes to England for a summer vacation. On her way back to America, she finds out that the Harry Potter characters followed her.she decides to have some fun!


7. 5th Dare

Emma came out of the bathroom to see her snowy white owl named Winter on her windowsill. She now uses an owl to get letters.

"Hey Winter" she said walking towards Winter.

"What letters do we have today". 

"Ooh, this is a good one".

Then she went downstairs.

"Ok" she said. "The dare for today is for all the girls except Ginny have to kiss Harry."

"I'm ok with that" says Harry.

Then all the girls made a line in front of Harry but when he got to Emma, they kissed longer and secretly French Kissed.

Emma giggled when she got up.

"Ok" she said. "That dare was from Luna rules.


Ok e​veryone so I would like to get more truths please.

-Country Girl


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