truth or dare the HP way

Emma goes to England for a summer vacation. On her way back to America, she finds out that the Harry Potter characters followed her.she decides to have some fun!


6. 3rd Dare and 4th Dare

Emma's POV

I came jumping down the stairs two at a time. 

Everyone is already up.

"Ok, who's ready for the first dare of the day" I say as I read the dares off my phone.

"The first dare is for McGonagall and Dumbledore to exchange an item of clothing. Do y'all wanna do that in a closet or something?" I ask them.

"You all know that I like boys" Dumbledore whines. "Oh just suck it up Dumbles" I snap at him. They then go into the nearest closest and come out with McGonagall having Dumbledore's pants on and Dumbledore having McGonagall's pants on.

Dumbledore says " I like girls now" with a smile on his face while McGonagall cheeks blush.

"Ok now there's one more dare and it says that Luna and Neville have to say the most random things that they can think of in three minutes. Go!" I say.

Luna says" Pizza"

Neville says" turtle"






"Ok that's enough!" I yell. Those dares were both from I love Black Widow.




You have to read the HP books to know what Wackspurts are. And J.K. Rowling said that Dumbledore was gay I don't own that decision.

-Country Girl

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