truth or dare the HP way

Emma goes to England for a summer vacation. On her way back to America, she finds out that the Harry Potter characters followed her.she decides to have some fun!


4. 2nd Dare

The next day everyone woke to Harry and Emma kissing in the corner.

Emma and Harry didn't stop until Ginny came over and punched Harry so hard that his nose broke. Emma stood up and started beating Ginny up. Then Ron joined the fight. "Stop!" yelled Harry. Everyone turned to look at him.

Emma stood up." Now that that's over, I would like to introduce my best friend Lizzie. And the second dare is for Ginny and Draco to make out for at least 30minutes.

"Noooo" yelled Ron.

"Shut up Ron, she has to move on from Harry." 

When they were kissing, both Ginny and Draco seemed to enjoy it.They actually kissed for an hour before they stopped. Then Emma and Harry started making out again and everyone just went back to sleep. Ginny and Draco slept in the same bed though.

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