truth or dare the HP way

Emma goes to England for a summer vacation. On her way back to America, she finds out that the Harry Potter characters followed her.she decides to have some fun!


2. 1st Dare!

"Ok, first I wanna say......."

"WHERE'S OUR WANDS "?????!!!!!! Ron tells at me.

" I have them in a safe place. Now what I was gonna say before I was RUDELY INTERRUPTED, I wanna say that we are gonna play a fun game called truth or dare. 1st dare is for Harry and Ginny to take Veritaserum( truth potion) and say who their true love is. So Harry, Ginny, drink up."

I gave them both bottles of clear liquid and they drank it.

" Ok, so Ginny first, who is your true love?" I asked her.

She said iimmediately," Harry".

" Ok, now Harry." He said, " My true love is ********. "

Ginny strated crying in the corner.

You can guess in the comments who Harry picked. I am just gonna say that's it's not Ginny. And please leave truth or dares in the comments .    :)

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