The Game [The darkest poem]

This is why I tried to kill myself.


1. The Game

Let's play a game!
Not again

We're soldiers in the army!
Not again

Let's shoot those bad men!
This isn't fun

Oh no! You're wounded! I'll help you!
Thanks so much, friend!
Friend, really?

There you go, you can rest on my bed
I need it, thanks.
Here we go again

Oh no! Someone's taken your bed now! I guess we'll have to sleep together tonight
Doesn't sound too bad
Yeah...sure it won't be

The rules say we have to sleep without clothes, oh well.
Ah well, we're both guys, it'll be fine.
Since when has that rule existed?

Oh it's so cold! Can I sleep closer to you?
I'll keep you warm
No you won't! Get up and go home!

My lips are cold

Too late, I win again

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