An Angels Wings

Sam, being born as both genders, struggles to understand what the youth truly is. Upon trying to commit Suicide, Sam is stopped by a strange man who claims the youth is more then what meets the human eye. Part 3 of Lovers Of legend Series.


3. Chapter 3

"Our beautiful angel..."

A baby's screams were shrill, harming my ears and filling my soul with sadness. Several shush's were heard. But the newborn continued it's screams. As though aware of an impending danger.

"Our child cannot be safe if it remains with us." Spoke a male voice.

Who was this child? Who were those voices? Was it perhaps the parents?

"We must let go..."

Let go of what?


Who is coming?!

It was then the baby screamed loudly, and a burst of bright lights blinded me.

"Sam, wake the fuck up."

I was dozing off in the library again. I blinked a few times, feeling my eyelids stretch and squint from the bright lights. I had ran into the library to escape stares from classmates at lunch. I sighed softly.

"You look worse then my dog." Came Chloe's voice, making me flinch. God her voice was too loud for me and she was whispering.

"Thanks." I said sarcastically, rubbing my throbbing temples.

"Couldn't sleep?" Chloe asked me, making my eyes go downcast. I couldn't tell her what had happened. Not yet. But my father had done it yet again. He had gotten drunk. But it was worse then that.

"Mom?" I mumbled, hearing strange noises coming from the garage. It sounded eerily like she was weeping. I never heard this from her.

Seeing the garage door cracked I pushed it open, seeing my mother looking so frail sitting on the broken ladder near the car. Her face was covered. She had been crying. I felt my body shaking. Dad wasn't here. I could talk to her.

"Mom?!" I exclaimed, setting down my backpack and rushing to her. She looked startled, covering her head as though I'd hurt her. But it was the opposite, I had embraced her. "Mom what happened?" I said, panicking.

Mother said nothing, only clinging to me like I was her source of protection. Her grip was frail and weak, like she was exhausted. I held her head into my chest, cradling her like a babe. What did my father do?

It was then I heard it, the dreaded footsteps. I held mom tightly, knowing who it was. Only my dad would have heavy footsteps. I turned my head, seeing father in the doorway. I held mother tightly to me, my golden eyes narrowing in such hate for him.

His face was red from the beer, his beard glistening still from having another. I could smell the stench of the alcohol from here. Oh how the mighty had fallen. He had sinned against the mighty God he worshiped. My father was a demon in disguise.

My rage was radiating. If he stepped in here, I would kill my own father. I had come to this conclusion ages ago. Everything in this garage was a weapon. I would not hesitate to protect the only loving family member in this household.

But it was then my dad's eyes widened, staring at me as though like a deer caught in the headlights. Why was he staring at me like that? Did he know I would attack if he came in here? Did he figure it out?

It was then he turned, leaving into the kitchen and letting us be. I felt my rage falter, confusion taking over. Why had he not step in? He had a chance of harming us again. Did he perhaps see the murderous look in my eyes?

It was then later on, I found out my father had raped my mother.

"So...About tonight..." Chloe mentioned. I gave her a look, settling back into my chair. "I can't go Chloe. You know this. Dad will be furious."

Chloe had the biggest pout going on. She was pulling a guilt trip on me. Something I despises but loved at the same time. I really couldn't go tonight however. My parents would not allow me to hear bands that weren't Christian.

Such as Demons Twins. I had desperately wanted to meet them. They had gone to this school when they were kids and Regularly performed at the local clubs. They were famous in my book.

"I'll get you out somehow. You know me." Chloe said with a grin, pulling out her mp3 player and tapping the screen. I grinned, listening to the music pouring out of the earbuds. Chloe handed me an earbud while the other was in hers. I almost purred, nodding my head to the music. I wasn't allowed an music devices. Only a cellphone, which father regularly checked.

One could only imagine how starved I was for music.

"What are you reading anyways?" Chloe asked me, pointing to the large paperback on my lap. I lifted it up. "Well...It says..."The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2..." I said with slight sarcasm.

Chloe pursed her lips, trying to bite back the laugh in her eyes. "Never took you for a romantic. Or into vampires." She said, coughing into her sleeve.

My eyes went half lidded. "I can when I want to. However I prefer to be romanticized. Also who can deny the beauty of a vampire?" I explained, remembering the women I played with in the lunchroom. I still thought that woman's behind was beautiful.

"You're grinning. Thinking of her booty still?" She asked me, raising a brow.

"Yes." I said in a low voice, almost a purr.

"I haven't seen you go for the guys here. It seems you only want the chicks. You make William Jealous a lot." Chloe said with a wicked smile.

My demeanor changed slightly. It was true. I went for the women more. But there was a huge reason. My father's behavior made me think differently of men quite a lot. I felt shy around men at times. I seemed unsure on how to flirt with them. There were few men I liked. William for one. I loved him dearly.

And that was pretty much it.

Was I more gay then Bi-sexual? Was it even considered Gay since I was a hermaphrodite? So many confusing questions. With more confusing answers. Perhaps I really was just bi-sexual, but shy when males approached with wanting me. Although when males wanted to do normal boy stuff I got along just fine. I really was confused...

"I know that look, you're really confused about something." Chloe said, popping gum from her lips. I nodded. "I think I'm shy when it comes to guys." I muttered.

"It's normal. You think I'm a natural when it comes to flirting with girls?" She asked me. I blinked in surprise. I honestly thought yes with how she was always caught smooching some big breasted chick around a corner outside.

"Okay, that was a dumb question." Chloe said, sighing. "I mean, when I see a pretty girl, I get nervous. I start sweating, overthinking things in my head. Replay scenes in my head. I ask myself over and over, will this work? Or fail horribly?"

I stared at her, as though she was the queen. Or a god of some sort. Thats how I felt all the time around men. So I wasn't the only one. So I didn't have to feel left out.

"You're looking at me as though I just read your mind." Chloe laughed softly. I smiled then, my brows raised. I began to laugh, thinking she was just too damn adorable. Here we were, two kids who had known each other since pre-school. We were twins in a sense. I remember how I got to know Chloe...And how she got to know my evil father.

"What is that?" I, a five year old asked, staring at the giant Machine known as the computer. Chloe looked at me like I was insane. "Thats a computer. Are you weird?" She asked me. I blinked at her question. Was I weird?

Chloe then pushed a button, the Computer whirred, making all kinds of sounds. The screen then flashed. I flinched, thinking it would eat me.

It was then I saw the old logo, Windows 95. I remember being so excited, seeing so many games to play and learn. What would I play? What would I-

It was then we heard a loud obnoxious knock on the door. I tensed, suddenly grabbing onto Chloe. "Dad's here..."

Chloe's mother, Jenny, looked at me, as though confused with my fear. Was my father abusive to me?

Jenny flinched as the knocking grew much louder and more freakishly eerie. I suddenly took Chloe's hand, my golden eyes reflecting fear. Dad had found out I was playing with Chloe and was coming for me.

Jenny then went to the door, opening it slowly. My father sounded angry. Asking her for Annie, who was me. Asking Jenny why she took his daughter. But Miss Jenny didn't take me. I came over to visit.

"I'm scared..." I suddenly said. And Chloe held my hand tighter.

It was then Jenny called the police after shutting the door and locking it, telling me to hide in the closet while she fended off my dad. My dad had gone insane that day. Child protective services didn't help me that day and I was shoved back with my father. No matter what I did, nothing saved me. The bad man, my father, would always show up.

I stared up at the ceiling of my bedroom, hearing my parents getting ready for bed. My dad kept regularly screaming at my mother, who obviously just wanted to sleep but father always demanded sex before sleeping. He treated her like a slave.

I felt fear inside me. Yesterday I had protected my mother yet Now I felt to afraid to step in again. I was a cowardly person. I couldn't even protect my own mom from my wicked father. I could only listen to her cries of sadness.

What the hell kind of person was I...

It was several hours before I realized what time it was. it was nearing midnight. I pursed my lips, wondering what Chloe and William were doing.


I jumped, bumping my head on the low ceiling. I groaned, rolling off the bed and holding my head. That was going to sting. I didn't expect that. "Fuck man..."

I walked to the window, squinting my eyes in the dark. They widened however as I soon spotted Chloe in the window. I quickly opened the window, a bit shocked that she made it so quietly.

She had used the ladder, managing to climb up quietly. I didn't see her truck either. She must have parked far away and then walked.

"What are you doing?! Jesus shit We'll get caught." I said, grabbing at my hair anxiously.

"What do you think?" She reached over, grabbing something from the ladder and pulling it inside. It was a fancy suit, made to fit me perfectly.

"...Where did you get that?" I asked with an incredulous look.

"Mom found out what was going on so she pitched in and payed for it. So we could both go,"

I sighed softly. "You guys do too much for me..."

"Shuuut uppp and don't worry about it. Lets go okay?" Chloe said, grinning wide. I was so tempted to shove her out the window.

"Trust me, this will be the time of your life!" She promised. I gave her such a look, before grabbing what I needed and climbing down after her.

Upon entering the school, I was greeted with several schoolmates in prom dresses and suits. I was in a suit thank god but still the schoolmates was receiving such odd looks. I despised dresses really. Such of mother dressing Me in such odd clothing.

The music was expectantly loud but good. The constant thrumming of the bass filled my chest with a soothing touch. I enjoyed such music, dub step, bass boosted songs. But mainly I loved music with a feeling.

I gave Chloe such a smile as she grabbed my arm, yanking me over to the food awaiting us. Who didn't enjoy food?

"Oh my shits it's sushi." Chloe said, quickly snatching a plate. I laughed softly, enjoying sushi myself. I wasn't quite ready to eat just yet. My eyes glanced towards the busy stage, catching a quick glance at the two familiar singers. Alastor and Lili. Lili was in her usual mourning attire, all black. High heels that could kill, purple lipstick which made her beautiful face stick out more. A beautifully corset which accentuated those beautiful breast of hers.

I didn't realize I was grinning at this point.

"Stop looking at her yah slut." Chloe suddenly said in a pure joking manner. I laughed softly. "Oi I can't help it. Shes got nice tits man." I admitted.

"So do you! So do I!" Chloe said, looking at me expectantly. I pouted, hands instinctively covering my breast. It was true I had very large breasts for what I was.

"Yes but It's not fun to fondle mine all the time. And I can't exactly fondle yours." I gave as a lame excuse.

"Oh come on, I'm sure William would be turned on watching us touch each others boobs." She grinned, holding her free hand out to reach for my chest. I pouted and scooted back, only to bump into a familiar face.

William grunted, almost spilling his food all over himself and me. I squeaked out. "Oh shit sorry man." I said in embarrassment. William laughed then. "You're fine. I'm surprised you're here. How the hell did Chloe get you out?"

"She brought a fuckin' ladder with her and-" I was suddenly caught off when Chloe suddenly wrapped her arms around me to fondle my breasts, right in front of William. And several other people next to us. And she was squeezing quite rough.

"They're so soft!" Chloe squealed with giddiness. My eyes couldn't have gotten bigger. William looked like he would have a possible heart attack at Chloe's bluntness.

It took me a moment to realize I had been holding my breath when Chloe released me. I turned around, giving her such a look. Chloe was grinning, as though she scored big game.

"Don't be a party pooper." Chloe grinned, stuffing a sushi roll into my mouth without warning. I swear I would hit her in the face with her own plate. Even if it was Styrofoam.

As time went on, the music began to grow deeper. I finally spotted the allusive Alastor in the background. He reminded me of that one singer, Marilyn Manson? Nah, he wasn't even close to him. It was the make up for sure. Alastor had more meat on his bones and was taller. He was wearing a mesh shirt that revealed much of his muscles and pale skin. His hair was black as his eyes, much like his sister. They really were twins...

I watched Alastor picking up pieces to his electric keyboard. I watched him take his time, being methodical about it. He seemed keen on his work. I wish I was that keen with singing.

It was then I saw Alastor suddenly look up and stare directly at me. Why me? There were others staring at him. Why was I so special?

He kept staring as though unsure of my presence. But why? What did I do? And why was he looking so uncertain?

Feeling shyness overtake me, I looked away then, trying to focus on Chloe who had shoved a small cake into Williams mouth. He did not look amused at all with the way things were going.

It was then my brain felt like shutting down. So much was happening at once it was hard to register. And Alastor's stares did not help at all. It was like he recognized me. And with all the dancing and playing of music it was to me.

"Alright everyone, time for the main event to start. Hope you're enjoying yourselves." Came Alastors booming voice from the microphone. It was so uplifting and surprisingly friendly. But incredibly husky...

Lili was applying her lipstick one last time before grinning. She then fixed up a monitor and key board next to her. Her's looked more advanced then Alastors. Perhaps she handled the bass?

I wasn't sure how those contraptions worked, I wasn't tech friendly thanks to my parents.

"Alright. We're gonna start with some bass for ya'll. Hope you enjoy." He said with a grin, giving Lili a look before nodding.

It was then Lili began playing the keyboard, a perfect melody playing and soothing us. I sighed softly, knowing it would build up. They ranged in several songs. Dubstep, rock, Metal. They were so flexible compared to other bands. I could only imagine the damage done to their vocal cords at first.

Upon hearing Alastor and Lili's voice I slightly smiled. It was beautiful, but somber none the less.

It was then the students began to sway with the bass, some headbanging or screaming. My eyes barely caught sight of Chloe completely feeling up William to the music. I had to say I felt suddenly uncomfortable. I understood how music made some people feel but everyone was being overly sexual it was disturbing. And that was coming from me.

Where were the teachers in all of this?

So many people were gathering in a circle, some people entering the circle and attempting several dance moves. A smile crept onto my face, watching people fail or doing some pretty serious moves such as break dancing. I laughed softly, before catching another glance at Alastor again.

He was still staring at me, but why...

It was then i wanted to find Chloe, talk to her perhaps. Maybe have a girl talk again, which I despised. But it seemed Chloe was far away from me, or it felt like she was. She many people were dancing and getting in my way I was becoming overwhelmed. I shouted for her, my voice drowned out from the music.

I felt like I was in a river of torment in some way. Also I felt like perhaps I was hallucinating. Did that person just look at me odd? Something was off with everyone dancing. I felt like I was the bad person for not enjoying myself. Was this normal as well?

I grunted as someone bumped into me, my eyes catching glances of odd faces staring at me. I shouldn't be here I thought. I needed to find Chloe.

It was then the music faded, signaling it was over. I sighed softly, going towards the food area, only to see Chloe was not there, neither was William.

What happened next sent chills down my spine.

"So a lovely lady came to me the other day, telling me about a kid who is struggling to become a beautiful singer. Luckily, I'm the kind of guy who seeks to help others." He went on to speak as whoops and cheers were heard.

"That very same kid is in the audience today. Sam...Come on up here."

My blood ran cold. The cheers and squeals from the audience Were not heard from me. Everything was a blur. They said my name right? Did they mean me or a different Sam?

It was then people were pushing me to the stage, making me almost trip in my walk. Chloe screamed in the background. William cheered loudly.

I felt numb to everything as I was lifted on stage by Lili herself. I stared at her, confusion written all over my face.

"You okay?" She laughed, noticing my confusion.

"Y-yeah...H-Hi..." I stammered, unsure how to speak English. Lili laughed again. Alastor was grinning in the background.

"Hi Sam, how are yah?" He asked, trying to calm my anxiety.

"I'm...shocked." I said honestly.

"It's fine, a lot of people feel that way." Alastor said, before turning to the microphone. "We'll take a small break everyone. Nerves get the best of us, you know how that is." He said and the crowd cheered, before dispersing.

"You sure you want me to sing?" I asked him, still believing this was some joke.

"I'm quite sure love. A little birdy told me You have the voice of an angel and I seek to hear it." His dark eyes shifted to a familiar pink haired female in the audience.

Chloe suddenly looked sheepish. A very timid wave and I narrowed my eyes in Annoyance. "Damn it Chloe."

"I'm sure she means Well, She was very adamant." He assured me, making me sigh and give in. "Alright." I muttered.

"Alrigth love, pick a song, any song." He said, acting like a card dealer at the table. I raised a brow, wondering myself just what to sing.

I looked toward the crowd, my eyes resting upon Chloe and William. What song to reflect my inner demons, something meaningful. Upon looking at Chloe's eyes I knew in my heart, what song to sing. I'm glad it didn't take me that long to figure out.

"Demons." I said finally, my gold eyes shifting to Alastor.

His dark eyes glanced at me, as though Understanding everything just by one word alone. Lili grinned then, patting my back. "I love that song. Nice choice."

I nodded, giving a bright smile. Not very often I was complemented. Especially by a woman like Lili. Alastor walked to the back, throwing wires out of the way as he was setting the bass level on the Amp. I noticed this was a pattern with him. Every song he would reset it. Perhaps he knew what level to set it to for every individual song.

"So, we're counting on you." Alastor said, suddenly right next to me. Wait wasn't he by the amp? He was quick.

I laughed softly. "No pressure right?" I said jokingly. He flashed a grin, before pulling out the middle microphone and examining it. "And you know how to sing properly into the microphone I assume." He said, handing me the microphone.

"Pretend it's like an ice cream cone. Pretend you're eating it. Or, two fingers." I put two of my fingers together, putting them between the microphone and my mouth.

He glanced at Lili, who smiled. He then nodded. "Very good, love." He agreed, flipping and pushing buttons on his keyboard. He soon settled, looking at me. "Becoming a singer isn't easy. Theres more to it then just singing, love."

I nodded, interrupting. "I'm aware. I still can't read sheet music. I forget to rest my voice and such. Theres many things I do wrong with my voice."

Al laughed softly, a soft wheeze escaped him. "Thats not all, discipline is one. Courage and heart is another." He put his hand to his chest. "I look at you, and already I see you're nervous. Being nervous isn't a bad thing. But the first few sentences you sing are going to be a bit shaky."

I stared at him, surprised he knew this. I always shook on the first few. I felt a bit sheepish now, also exposed.

Lili pulled out lipstick from her pocket, reapplying it to her full lips and smacking them. "Singing comes from the soul." She said.

Alastor nodded. "Singing perfect isn't what matters love. The feeling behind it counts more then anything. If you sound monotone, it may not matter to some people. But it lacks human emotion. Lacks a story...If you sing just to sing, you shouldn't be a singer...Can you do it?" He asked bluntly.

I stared at him, feeling my Adams apple strangling me as I swallowed nervously. I was put on the spot. He was asking me to do something that may have been so simple to others but to me it felt so impossible. Or perhaps miles away from my grasp.

"...I don't know." I said finally, tugging on the collar of my suit. I had to be honest.

"Jesus You're gonna give her a heart attack Al." Lili laughed softly, putting her hands on my shoulders. I stiffened then, staring at her dark eyes that reflected so much love and spunk.

"It's okay to be unsure. It's okay to be nervous. Promise. A lot of singers were the same way." She said with a confirming smile.

Al then laughed. "I didn't mean to scare you love. By saying "I don't know." Makes you a better thinker then the others. Never be cocky with singing. Karma is brutal. Remember that." He said, patting my back. It was then Lili released me.

It was odd how this turned into a serious conversation. But it wasn't the first time. All singers talked like this to their pupils. I knew what they meant. It was hard. I would have to go through so much to get what I wanted...

Alastor then turned to the microphone, speaking clearly. "Alright breaks over folks. We're about to start." He said. Immediately the classmates ran over, excitement pouring over them.

It was time to sing I realized. What would I do, what if I fucked up? Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe they wouldn't laugh?

This was highschool, they would laugh. Fuck me.

"Alright everyone, we have a special guest. Names Sam, hope you enjoy Sam's choice of song." Alastor said. I blinked, feeling my heart constrict from what he said.

The crowd was staring at me, as though time had stopped. Nobody was talking. The strobe lights were on me, flashing bright colors, reflecting off my golden eyes. I swallowed, my Adams apple sliding. It was then I took in a breath...

I then flew.

When the days are cold

And the cards all fold

And the saints we see

Are all made of gold

Silence hit me for a few seconds, before it registered. My voice escaped me, filling my heart with hope and love. Filling the building, piercing peoples ears and soul. My vocal cords contracted, belting out what i held within my very being.

It was then the audience screamed, their shock, emotions and praise filled me in return for the beauty that escaped my soul. Their shrill screams and pure love raised the hairs on my body.

I had not expected this. I had not expected such love from the audience. They had expected me to fuck up, to not hit those notes. I will prove them wrong. I thought.

The electricity that zapped through my hands gripped the microphone harder, causing me to sing with more emotion and such life a single tear escaped me.

It was then I noticed Alastor hadn't even started playing the music when he was supposed to. I realized his expression was that of shock. Along with lili's. I couldn't let them ruin this moment. I continued with my words.

When your dreams all fail

And the ones we hail

Are the worst of all

And the blood's run stale

I wanna hide the truth

I wanna shelter you

But with the beast inside

There's nowhere we can hide

It was then that Alastor and Lili exchange glances, gathering themselves. They had not expected me to amaze them. Or mess up their parts. But soon, they regained their composure, finally getting to work and slamming their keyboards like no tomorrow. When our voices unleashed it was like a chorus from God.

When you feel my heat

Look into my eyes

It's where my demons hide

It's where my demons hide

It was then the audience unleashed a fury of screams and several women fell head over heels for us. I caught Chloe in the audience, her jaw agape from the beauty of what transpired. It seemed she was about to cry.

William looked about the same, his arms around Chloe like the perfect couple. It seemed the entire crowd was just in awe of everything.

I didn't' want the song to end for us. I wanted to continue it. I didn't want the final note. Why did I choose a short song?!

But the curtain call hit me. And before I knew it, then song had ended. There was a moment of silence before the lunchroom erupted into screams of love, wanting and admiration for my voice.

I breathed heavily, staring at Alastor, who looked confused with me. I raised a brow at him, wondering what i had done to cause this. It was then i felt arms around me. And musical laughter in my ears. Chloe had jumped onto the stage, hugging me tightly.

It was then my hearing had come back to me, and Chloe was squealing with joy. "Ooh my god that was beautiful!" She exclaimed.

Alastor slowly grinned as I was squeezed to death by Chloe. The crowd continued it's screams of joy to me. I smiled wide, feeling elated.

It was then Alastor spoke into the microphone. His voice sounding shaky. "Well...Certainly didn't expect that." He said honestly. It was then the crowd laughed in agreement. I laughed in agreement as well.

Lili then spoke. "Give a round of applause to Sam!" She yelled, making the audience scream and clap loudly. I laughed more, giving a bow to the audiance. Their cries of praise warmed my soul. I was happy. More happier then I could ever be.

It was then I jumped off the stage, joining William with Chloe in tow. People patted my back, giving me praise still. I was having the time of my life.

It was then the music changed to something we all loved.

Know I've done wrong, left your heart torn

Is that what devils do?

Took you so long, where only fools gone

I shook the angel in you!

My eyes stared at Alastor, feeling the hairs rising on my body. His voice sounded so somber. It was such emotion that poured from him. And the fact was, he was staring at me while singing it.

A smile crept onto my face, signaling to him another giant thank you. He had truly made my night. It was then Alastor flashed a huge smile to me, I could have sworn those dark eyes of his were brighter then ever in the dark.

I need to know now, know now

Can you love me again?

I need to know now, know now

Can you love me again?

I joined in on the singing, Chloe and William included. It was then the crowd, hearing my voice, joined in on the insanity that was music. It filled our hearts, started our blood pumping.

Can you love me again?

It's unforgivable,

I stole and burnt your soul

Is that what demons do?

It was then people were breaking out into dance, some doing it old school, some going absolutely insane and break dancing. We were revitalized, renewed. Was it because I sang? Was it because of the beauty?

They rule the worst in me

Destroy everything,

They blame on angels like you

Now I'm rising from the ground

Rising up to you!

Filled with all the strength I found

There's nothing I can't do!

I didn't know for sure. I was having the time of my life. I could no longer care at this point. When it was over, Alastor gave me his phone number that night. I couldn't believe it. Chloe was crying and happy for me. I cried as well with such happiness.

I didn't want it to end...

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