An Angels Wings

Sam, being born as both genders, struggles to understand what the youth truly is. Upon trying to commit Suicide, Sam is stopped by a strange man who claims the youth is more then what meets the human eye. Part 3 of Lovers Of legend Series.


1. Chapter 1

"Annie what is your gender?"

My name is Sam you son of a bitch.

A youth stared off into space, Golden eyes staring into the therapist sitting across from the youth. The youth looked no older then fifteen. Sam was once again going through this session with the therapist on Sam's identity. Sam appeared to be mostly female, but the jawline, the brows, the adams apple, the muscular shoulders and obvious pack Sam had was male.

Sam had been born a hermaphrodite. But The youths parents wanted Sam to be female. They refused Sam's wishes to be both gender as they believed society would reject young Sam. The youth had been pushed through conversion therapy too many times to count.

The youth lifted their head, long curly auburn hair falling back. "I told you before..." Sam replied, the youth's voice was deep, tenor like. A mix between female and male.

"Answer me." The therapist suddenly said with force behind it. Sam's parents were waiting for the youth's answer. No matter what they did. Sam would not break. Sam would remain Sam and forever be both genders.

"I am both genders..."

Suddenly Sam's father, John Robinson, had interrupted like a whip on fire. "You are not both genders you are female. You had that surgery years ago to be female. Either you accept this or society will slam you down!" Sam's father was big in comparison to her therapist. Bushy beard, old fashioned hairdo, old christian eyes. greying black hair...

Sam's mother, Alana, said nothing. She never spoke, like she wasn't allowed to have a voice. Alana was taller then Sam's father, dark brown hair, brown eyes, beautiful skin and the kindest smile Sam rarely saw from her.

That surgery failed harder then your mother forgetting to swallow.

Sam stared coldly at him, brows furrowed and golden eyes reflecting the anger building. "What society you speak of? Society you live in or society I live in with school and friends and love?"

John glared at Sam, as though the youth was a nasty stain on expensive clothing.

"Society as in a whole. You were made to be female. God gave this choice to your parents to understand life can be difficult. Why dishonor your parents who truly love you?" Sam's therapist, Dr. Sota, interrupted.

Love my ass.

"This isn't love. It's repression. God made me both genders. If you don't want me to end up like Leelah then accept me for who I am or I am gone and dead to you." Sam said, teeth gritting in boiling hatred.

"What happened to Joshua was a result of not enough discipline and love from God and his parents." Sam's therapist spoke.

Oh you did not...

Sam had enough, sitting up straight and readying fists. "You wanna go motherfucker? As soon as I turn eighteen I'm getting the fuck out of here with my buds. I can't wait to be away from you idiots."

The therapist wasn't fazed by the youths outburst. He obviously dealt with it before. "Society wont accept you. You won't find a job with being both genders. And you will be sent to hell if you don't respect your mother and father." Said the therapist.

"Good, hell is better then this. It feels great being an atheist. Won't have to listen to your bullshit anymore. I'll be living my life as a singer."

"You're still too young to understand. For now you will resume medications to keep that temper in check."

"I ain't taking them still so why does it matter? Nah fuck you guys I'm done." Sam said, suddenly springing up from the chair and bolting out of the room. The therapist and the father had no time to react. Sam was usually a runaway.

"Annie stop!" Came Sam's mother.

I'm out of here. Fuck them.

Sam knew that by escaping the building they could send the police after the youth. Good, perhaps Sam would gain publicity by causing such a scene on gender identity.

Sam gave a sigh as the youth finally stopped running after what seemed like ages. Sam had arrived at the library. The one place where no one would hurt the youths identity.

My safe haven...

Sam's heart soon calmed as the youth found a spot to relax. Sam would often find friends here or books to relate to.

And wouldn't you know it, Sam's favorite friends were here.

"Hi Sam!" Came A familiar pinked haired woman from her table in the adult section. Across from her was a red head. William and Chloe.

Chloe was one of her punk friends. Someone Sam loved dearly because she didn't treat the youth differently. But yet did but in a very wonderful way. Cloe was also bi-sexual and held feelings for Will. William was Sam's rock, helping to reflect Sam's male side and calm the youth.

They perfectly balanced Sam.

Sam smiled wide, quickly joining the table. Chloe knew something was off quickly. "Oi, what happened? I thought you had another appointment with the faggot therapist?" She whispered.

"Yeah about that...I left...Before it ended..." Sam said with a nervous expression.

Both William and Chloe stared at Sam, both exchanging a worried look. "Okay...You ran away...again?"

"Yup..." The youth replied, feeling like shit now.

"Well, fuck. Guess we can still have conversation until the police arrive...God I hate your parents, they are such dickholes." Chloe said with a sigh.

"Pray I make it to eighteen at least." Sam said halfheartedly. Chloe and William caught on.

"Don't say that shit. Don't end up like Leelah. Poor baby...I would have loved to have been there to save her." She said sadly.

"We all do..." William said, his hazel eyes looking down.

"Sorry. This got depressing real fast." Sam said, pulling out a small box of pockey to nibble on.

"Oh shit give me one." Chloe whined, reaching for the box. Sam held out the box above Chloe's head, smirking. "Mine." Sam laughed.

"You're so mean!" Chloe whined, though Sam knew she would share. Sam then tossed the box onto the table. William and Chloe suddenly grabbed the box at the same time. Sam could have sworn William turned different shades of red as he let go.

Internally Sam was grinning.

Chloe grinned, feasting on her acquired pockey. "So are you going to the school concert? Provided you're not in jail?" She joked, crunching loudly on her food.

Sam smiled faintly. "Yeah...Heard that Alastor guy is gonna be there. Been wanting to see him..."

"And his sister. Lili..." Chloe added in, a huge grin on his face. William looked absolutely annoyed on that note.

"Shes hot." Sam added, honestly wanting a piece of her. Alastor and Lili were a local band. Demon Twins as they called themselves. They sang anything from screamo to something simple like Imagine Dragons. Their versions of It's Time, Radioactive and Demons was beautiful. And Lili had such a beautiful voice. Lili had such perfect black curly hair, beautiful dark eyes, the perfect hips...Full lips...

Suddenly Sam's pants felt a little tight...

Like any man, Sam felt nature at it's finest. Constant boners and wanting women below the youth in bed. And video games on the side. Yet on the other side, Sam wanted to be seduced and loved on by a man in bed. Sam never had conflicts with either side. There seemed to be a perfect balance.

However, Sam's mind kept switching to Alastor. Such an odd name the youth wondered. Was it his real name? It was a name you'd only hear in books or perhaps in odd parts of the world.

Alastor was usually seen in pale make up, dark clothing. Black hair, dark eyes. Just looking like a simple goth in drag. Though without the make up and odd outfits he seemed like such a sweet person. As people told Sam. The youth never managed to see Alastor in person as Sam's parents prevented the youth from going out.

"Earth to Sam." Chloe suddenly said, getting Sam's attention. "Yeah?"

"I'll try to come pick you up for the concert. Just be ready. Play it out with your parents." She warned Sam.

Sam nodded, knowing that Chloe was going to try to sneak Sam out for the school concert. Concerts happened for first year students. A way of congratulating them for making it the first year. Sam needed a sweet release.

Sam had such a beautiful voice when it came to singing, able to perfect both low and high notes like nobodies business. Sam wished to be a singer but her parents forbid it. Only allowing the youth to sing songs of worship, which inwardly killed Sam's soul.

William suddenly straightened. "They're here." He said, motioning to the cops just entering the library. Sam sighed, feeling embarrassment taking over.

Sam knew the cops. The cops knew Sam. This had been the seventh time they had been called to retrieve the youth. No force was needed. And they never cuffed the youth. Just simply took Sam home.

One male cop came over, looking somber. "You know the drill Sam." He said to Sam, who looked up at him sadly. "Yes sir..." Sam said, getting out of the seat and standing. Sam turn to Chloe and William. "Sorry guys..."

Chloe waved sadly. "I'll see yah." She said. William nodded. This was such a common event they had gotten used to it. Luckily the cops were so willing they even treated Sam the way the youth wished to be treated.

"Lets go." The cop behind Sam said. Sam nodded, leading the way out of the library. Nobody really looked their way, knowing Sam as well. It was this common it was sad. No one could really help Sam, being so young and not able to legally escape the parents.

Walking outside Sam sighed as the wind picked up. The cop opened the door to the car, allowing Sam to step in without assistance. Sam relaxed into the seat after strapping in. Once the cops were inside Sam spoke. "Thank you for that..."

"For what?" The driver, Jerry answered, looking confused.

"For calling me Sam again..." The youth said with a big smile.

Jerry smiled then, having known Sam since elementary school, teaching the children about safety. He watched Sam change into a rather respectable kid. Legally he couldn't do anything about the parents. "No problem kiddo."

As the car moved, Sam felt a sense of depression and dread, knowing Sam's parents would potentially psychologically scar the youth again when the youth got home. The next day at school was going to ruin the poor kid...

If there is a god...He hates my very being...When will somebody help me?

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