The CD Shop❤️

When Lacey visits the CD shop she gets a nice surprise ❤️
Lacey May Tomlinson
Age 16
Boyfriend: READ ON
Best friends: bella,rylee,charley


5. The Date Night❤️

Skip until date -

Luke's POV -

I rang her doorbell whilst shaking like a mad man! I actually do understand why I am skating so much I mean Lacey Tomlinson is pure perfection to me and probably to everyone else which i. Don't like 😑

'Ding dong'

'Hey babe' I say as she opens the door to reveal herself while wearing he most stunning blue dress to match her shoes and bow in her gorgeous black wavy hair ! God what she does to me.

'Hiya handsome' she replies

'I stand on the too step with my hand in my jeans and just look in her eyes and whishper to her 'you look really sexy' and she blushes looks down and giggles really softly and soothingly. I kiss her like I've never kissed anyone before and man I really did mean it 💕 I have decided in my mind, this is the woman I want to be with for the rest of my life! I could not get any luckier but BOY was I WRONG !!!

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