The CD Shop❤️

When Lacey visits the CD shop she gets a nice surprise ❤️
Lacey May Tomlinson
Age 16
Boyfriend: READ ON
Best friends: bella,rylee,charley


4. Chapter 2❤️

Ashton's POV ****

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing, Luke hemmings

A-ash. L-luke

A- hey bro what's up ?

L- just letting you know that before band practise I'm going to the shop

A- ok see you at band practices mate

L- ok thanks bye ash

Ok so luke is going to the shop I'll text Lacey see what she is doing

Hey Lacey you awake ??

Hey ash and yes I am

What you doing ??

A bit of shopping at the mall

Oh ok would you like to come to band practice today ??

Yeah sure I would love to

Ok thanks Lacey

No problem ash what time ??


Ok bye smash

Bye love you

Love you too

Lacey is coming aswell even though we are technically practicing in her house but she will probz be shopping all day knowing lolly 😂


Ok so I have enough clothes now so I should probably head home because Ashton's band is coming in like 30 minutes but I really want to look in the CD shop because it is my favourite but I am also very curious about luke, cal and mikey . Ok other me we will go in the CD shop if it makes you feel better!!

LUKE'S POV******

There she stood, having just walked in, long black hair and beautiful eyes with a tiny bit of makeup. She wore black ripped skinny jeans and a 5sos shirt and flannel ! She liked my band ??? I hope she doesn't scream and jump around because I have only had a few fans come up to me today which is a good thing on this occasion. Maybe I should ask her name ?? Ok Luke you can so do this I mean you haven't had this problem before because you are good looking!

I approached her

"Hi I'm Luke, what's your name ?"

" oh hi Luke, my name is Lacey May Tomlinson and I am 17 years old almost "


"Wait a minute are you The Lacey Tomlinson that Ash ALWAYS talks about ??"

"That's me Huke Lemmings"

"May I just say you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I'm not just saying that by the way"

"Why thank you luke you aren't too bad yourself you know "

" thanks so can I have your number ?? "

"Yeah sure it's ............"

"Thanks, well I should be going I've got band practice at your house funnily enough "

" well please can you give me a lift ?"

" of course I can gorgeous"

"Thanks a lot luke "

" hey I know we just met but can we go on a date with me tomorrow ?"

Omg I would love to luke"

I have never been so happy and tommorrow I need to prove I like her ! I just can't do anything as perfect as her on out date !!

I quickly drove her home whilst playing music and she is really cute blushing when she gets the words wrong :) I don't think I will ever be any happier especially since my heart was shattered about 5 months ago by a slag named Aleisha. I'm glad I have the opportunity to take Lolly on our date and I think I have the perfect idea in mind

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