The CD Shop❤️

When Lacey visits the CD shop she gets a nice surprise ❤️
Lacey May Tomlinson
Age 16
Boyfriend: READ ON
Best friends: bella,rylee,charley


3. CHAPTER 1❤️


LACEYS'S POV** 11:30 am

"Who's ringing me at this time?" I mumble to my self. I guess my friends say that I am not really a morning person and I can be quite grumpy but some people need there beauty sleep, am I right ?? I'm right.

I pick up my phone not bothering to check who's calling me at this time ( note to self: read the caller ID BEFORE you answer the call! That's how some people get threats and stuff !!! 😁)

Oh Yay it's Ash, (phone call)

A=ash L= MEEE

A- hey Lolly

L- hey smash

A- what u doing

L- well I was peacefully sleeping until you quite rudely interrupted

A- so sorry

L- it's no problem don't worry ash ❤️

A- so what do you say about going to have a picnic with me at the beach ???

L- sure I'd love to ash, pick me up at 12:00

A- ok I'll pick you up in 30 mins, bye lol

L- BYEEEE smashton 😜

Shower time 😻

I hopped into the shower and let the warm water run down my tanned skin. I washed my hair and washed my body, 10 minutes, new record :) usually I have a little singing marathon and it takes me about 30 minutes to have 1 shower !!!

Anyway I got out of the shower and dried my hair a little but but not fully, and then I put a bit of foundation, eyeliner, mascara and nothing else because my lips are a natural pinky red colour.

I slipped on some black high wasted shorts with rips on them and a blink 182 crop top with some galaxy vans<3

The door bell buzzed and I walked down the stairs towards the door, I opened revealing a smiling Ashton with black jeans and blink 182 vest

"Snap !!" I yelled pointing to mine and Ashton's outfit

" go and get your bathing suit and a towel" ashton replied giggling like a teenage girl! This is why i love ashton irwin, his laugh, his big smile and his gorgeous dimples😁

I could never picture me and Ash as a thing because he is literally my big brother that I never had. He practically lives in my apartment as well as charley, charley lives here with me and ash and her get along great!! We make " 3's a crowd" go to shame ! Which reminds me, I need to ask Ash a serious question right after I get my towel and bathing suit.

Man, jogging up stairs makes me tiered!!

I reached the top of the stairs and pulled out a bikini with watermelon and studs on the bottom half and plain black with studs on on the top half of it, I then grabbed my 1975 towel out of my swimming draw and went down the stairs again to talk to ashton quickly

"Hey ash, I have been meaning to ask you this ft about a week now , I know this might take a while I decide but you me and charley get along great so I was wondering if you wanted to live here for asking as you want because I know your parents will be kicking you out soon !! " I said, slighting raising my voice because I was at the other end of the front room.

"OMFG Lacey, YES YES, one million times yes!!!!! I would love to live with you! I will tell my parents after our beach day and btw nice outfit mini me " he responded

YAY I'm so happy ash is loving here now, with me 🌎🌚 ❤️ BIKINI BASICALLY ❤️

Skip to the the beach

So sit back, eat and enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves ." Ashton said as we placed our towels gently on the warm sand.

I grabbed a sandwich and a biscuit and ate them without saying anything whilst ash was humming along and singing songs every now and again.

"Hey ash that songs sound really good, who sings it ?" I asked curiously

" they are called 5 seconds of summer and the it's called unpredictable"

" wow new fav song! Who are the singers?? I think I can here 4 different male voices am I right.??" I asked

" of course Lacey, the singers are Michael Gordon Clifford, Luke Robert Hemmings aka HUKE Lemmings!, Calum Thomas Hood and the one and only, extremely talented Ashton Fletcher Irwin " he casually spoke !!!

" for real ? As in you Ashton ? How ? When ? WHAT ? I'm so happy for you I could scream right now ,( loud scream ) "

How could he keep this from me ? ☺️

" well famous ash, I will not treat you any differently but you are more than welcome to have band practice at our house "I said

"Thanks so much Lacey, you are the best!"

And with that we grabbed each other's hands and ran straight to the sea , I couldn't wish for a better life right now.

As the minutes pass I get more and more curious of who Luke, Michael and Calum are.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter and the length

Talk more soon


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