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7. Trick or Treat by Ghost Town

[Song: Trick or Treat by Ghost Town]

Willow's POV

We stayed completely silent. "Come out, come out where ever you are." The shouts came underneath of us. Screams and shouts filled our ears. Kitty inched towards the back window. She opened it just enough to see the parade of Masked Trick or Treaters.

"Guys they're gone. " Kitty said.  

"What the hell was that?" Luke asked.

"The Masked Trick or Treaters they're like a demon worshiping group." Kitty said, "They do rituals and stuff in the woods back there and whenever they leave they try to find people who they can convert. Meaning us. I was into it like 4 years ago. I had to fake my own death to run from it. We can't be seen by them. We should get our minds off of this, wanna play never have I ever?"

We all agreed. I snuggled with Michael when the first finger was put down.

"Never have I ever gotten a piercing." Ashton said. Kitty and I put one finger down.

Never have I ever got pretty intense. Deep questions were exchanged with in the group. The one that struck me was "Never have I ever attempted suicide." Kitty looked at me she already knew. I put a finger down hoping nobody noticed. I would be so embarrassed if any of them figured out. Michael dropped his hands and hugged my waist. He rested his chin on my shoulder and whispered "Me too" in my ear. I felt a single tear escape my now blurred eyes. Ashton put another finger down as well.

 "Oh my god. Willow are you okay." Calum asked. the smiles around me faded into worried expressions.

"Yeah I'm fine, just bad memories." I said wiping away what few tears had escaped.

"Do you want to tell us? You can trust us. It hits home." Luke said.

I sighed, "Ok so when I was 13 I met this boy. His name was Aaron. He and I really like each other. He was my first kiss. We ended up dating for 8 months and he was my best friend. His mum died from cancer and he got really depressed. One night I got a call from his dad saying he overdosed on a bunch of pills. After that I got really depressed and suicidal. One night I decided I wanted to end it all. I drank a shit ton of alcohol and took some pills. Last thing I remember was Kitty crying and yelling at me to wake up. I woke up but in a hospital bed. So yeah." As I told my s tory I removed more and more of my bracelets revealing freshly made cuts. Michael pulled an arm from me and rested it on my leg. He had rolled up  his sleeve and revealed a few healing wounds. He pulled me closer to him and kissed my cheek.

"One day me and you are going to get these battle scars covered with matching tattoos because we're going to help each other get through this." He said. I rolled his sleeve down and put my bracelets back on.

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