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10. The Night Is Still Young by Nicki Minaj

[The Night Is Still Young by Nicki Minaj]
Michael’s POV
After we kissed in front of everybody Willow was smiling like a dork but, I love that I was the reason. I could tell Cal still liked her but, he knew she was mine. Kitty like fully kissed Calum. Luke’s jaw dropped to the floor. Ashton really didn’t care; he was caught up in texting.
“Hey guys there is a party down on the other side of the lake. Wanna go?” Ash asked.  Everyone nodded including me. We all climbed down the ladder and proceeded to the lake. The whole way Willow held my hand. Calum and Kitty walked close to each other. As for Luke and Ashton I don’t know because they were behind us. We got to the party after a while.  A bunch of half-naked, sweaty, drunk teenagers were dancing to horrible music with a bon fire. We all went our ways but, Willow stayed with me. I wasn’t going to let anything happen to her.  I led her out of the terrible mosh pit to the far end of the beach.  The moon was dancing with the stars in the black glassy sky.  Willows eyes looked black. I stepped in front of her. 
“Hey babe.” I asked
“Hm” She replied.
“Can I see your phone?” Willow gave me her phone.  Just before she could say anything, I kissed her and took a picture. It was perfect.  You could see the outline of us kissing and the moon was right behind our heads.  I set it as her background just so I could see her reaction. I locked it and handed it back to her. She gave me this weird look. She opened her phone again and smiled. Her eyes lit up. She blushed and it was obvious.
“Text the guys and I’ll text Kitty. Tell them I had to go home for my little brother and you went home.” Willow said.
I quickly pulled my phone out and sent the guys a text. They all said okay. Willow and I walked back to the tree house and pulled up the ladder.  Willow turned on the string lights and some Green Day. We were making out when we heard some laughter below us. I checked my phone and saw the time was 11:36 pm. Willow looked out the window and saw a completely wasted Kitty and Calum. Willow really quickly shut off the lights and turned the music completely down. Willow laid down on her back on the floor. I crawled on top of her and continued to kiss her. I hated to be away from her even for a second. I slowly inched my way down to her neck. I ended up giving her a few hickeys and she returned the favor.
“Clifford come on.” She said.
“What Anderson?”
“Let’s find a good song and dance.”  I stood over her and helped her pick a song.  She chose The Night Is Still Young by Nicki Minaj. As we danced I couldn’t help but watch her.
“If you think I look good then sit down and watch.” She said. I turned on the dim string lights. She went bent down to the floor and slid her hand up her leg while whipping her hair. She continually moved her hips. She looked extremely sexy.  She grabbed my hand and we danced together.  Her movements were smooth, making me want to kiss her.  The song quickly ended and Willow pulled me to the bean bag.  She faced me and sat on my lap.
“Baby guess what is next week?” I said.
“What’s next week?” She asked.
“My 16th birthday.”
She smirked and gave me a quick kiss. God I love her. I love her kisses. I love her smile. I love her deep blue eyes. Her flowy hair. I love everything about her.
Willow’s POV
I sat on Michael’s lap. His green eyes were staring at me. I took off my leather jacket. His lips curled into a sly smile.
“What?” I asked.
“You are absolutely gorgeous baby girl.”
“Awe baby.” I smiled at Michael. He pulled my closer to his chest. Our lips slowly connected. He pulled away from me. I was about to say something when I heard my name coming from below. I slid my jacket back on. Michael followed me to the tiny porch thing. We looked down to see Luke and Ashton.
“Hey Millow.” Luke said.
“What?” Michael asked.
“That’s your ship name Millow.” Luke replied.  Michael snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me into his side. He kissed my temple.
“So can we come up or no?”
I dropped the ladder down and snuck one more kiss from Michael. Luke and Ashton came up and sat down on the floor.  Michael sat next to me in the bean bag and I draped my legs over his lap.
“Where is Kitty and Calum?” Ashton asked.
“Kitty literally just texted me and said she and Cal went out for some coffee and they are coming back.” I said.
“Oh okay. So what did you guys do?” Ashton smirked at Michael.
“Dude all we did was dance and took a selfie. That’s it.” Michael said. I tossed my phone at Ashton, who caught it, he opened my phone and smiled. Luke took the phone and tossed it back to me.
“OMG I ship it so hard. Millow for life!” Ashton said in a high pitched teenage girl voice. Ashton flailed his hands around and so did Luke attempting (And failing) to look like fan girls. We heard the floor door open and Kitty crawled up. Calum followed behind her with a coffee in his hand. Kitty pulled out the second smaller bean bag and pulled it next to Ash. Calum sat down and she sat on his lap sideways.
Ashton looked over at Luke. They exchanged glances and Luke started to flail his hands, “OMG I ship Millow and Kitum.” Ashton and Luke squealed like girls once more before regaining their composure.
“So is Kitum a thing?” Michael asked looking at Calum.
Kitty started to shrug but Calum gave her a quick kiss on her lips and smiled. Kitty’s cheeks turned bright red. I smiled at them. Ashton opened my Laptop and turned on American Dad. We watched episode after episode. I’m not sure when but everyone ended up falling asleep.
I woke up to the sun’s rays bursting through the window. I stood up and stretched. Luke’s phone rang really loud and woke up everyone. Michael smiled at me. Luke answered his phone and Ashton laughed.
Calum shushed everyone and covered his eyes.
“Awe do you have a hang over?” Kitty asked him. Cal nodded. Kitty kissed Calum’s lips. He gladly accepted it. We all left the treehouse and headed  back to our houses. Before Michael let go of my hand he pulled me closer to him and cupped my face and kissed he. I wrapped my hands around him and deepend the kiss. I pulled back and said, “I love you.”
“I love you too baby girl.” Michael gave me one more short kiss and went his separate way.  I watched as he caught up with the guys. Kitty came up behind me.
“You love him don’t you kiddo?” She smiled and ruffled my hair.
“Yeah I really do.” I smiled and started to walk with kitty to my house. “So you and Calum huh?” I nudged her shoulder. She grinned at me.
“Calum is so hot and funny. He’s smiley, outgoing, cute and just I don’t know. I like him. I mean I like, like him.” She smiled.
“Kitty, that’s not like, like. That’s love.” I made a heart shape with my hands. “Are you gonna just shower and stuff at mine?” I asked.
“Yeah, you got an extra toothbrush?”
“Kitty.” I stopped walking and looked at her, “of course.” She playfully punched my arm and we walked back to my house.
I showered first and then brushed my teeth. Kitty got in after me and used the spare tooth brush. I put on underwear and a bra before I put on a loose shirt. Kitty walked in and went to my drawers to get out under-garments. I stood in front of medium sized closet. Kitty grabbed a pair of booty shorts and a cap sleeved black shirt.
“Here.” She said. Kitty handed me a pleather pencil skirt, black bando and a see through lacey skull crop top.  The crop top had long sleeves and almost looked like fish netting. Skulls were printed through it on jet black material that was smaller holed. I quickly put on the cloths and put on my knee high converse. Kitty pushed me toward my makeup chair and busted out all of my makeup. She ombred black eyeshadow on my eyes and winged my black eyeliner. I did my regular make up and put on some clear lip gloss.
Kitty was curling my hair when I got a text.
M- Michael                W-Willow
M-Hi baby
W-Hey handsome
M-Whatcha doin
W-Kitty is making me pretty
M-Tell her to stop
M-Because you are beautiful already
W-AWE I love you.
M-I love you too.
W-Do you want to meet at the tree house at like 2 or 3
M- 2 at the tree house it is.
Kitty said that the guys are coming with us and that she was going to make her move on Calum. She continued to curl my hair and I put on a sliver necklace and a black choker. I put on a pair of skin tight, black booty shorts under my skirt. Kitty sprayed my hair with hairspray and I loosely fish tailed her hair to the side. I did a simple black wing for eyeliner and mascara. I put some red matte lip stick onn her for a pop of color.
“Ready kid?” She asked. I nodded and we left my house. It was about 1:48 pm.
“Only a few more minutes.” I told myself.
Michael and the guys stood on the outskirts. Michael started walking towards me and I picked up my pace. We met in the middle. Michael picked me up in his arms and kissed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He held me up. I finally pulled back.
“Hi.” I said with a smile.
“Hi” Michael smiled, “I love you so fucking much baby girl. I am never ever going to let you go. You are mine Willow Anderson.”
“I love you so god damn much. You aren’t going ever slip away from me. You are mine Michael Clifford.”

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