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9. Talking Body by Tove Lo

[Talking Body by Tove Lo]

Willow's POV

Michael Clifford.  I officially fell for him. We’ve been dating for a few weeks and each day is better than the last. We didn’t go out of “dates” because neither of us was really into that sort of thing. Instead we’d do the simple things. I’ve been to his house a few times and he’s been to mine. But today was going to be a great day. Michael and I are meeting in the woods like always but, this time we aren’t having any of the guys or Kitty come with us. Just Michael and I. It was about 10 when I finally got home from the Tree house. The guys all left at about 9:30 and Kitty and I stayed to clean up. Once I got home I showered and brushed my teeth.  I looked around in my closet for something nice.  I decided on a pair of white and black high waisted shorts, a black sleeveless top, a jet black leather jacket and my knee high converse.  I let my purple hair loose and put on some clear lip gloss.  I proceeded to do my normal makeup, foundation,  concealer , black mascara and black winged eyeliner. My phone buzzed.

M- Michael    W-Willow

M- Hi baby
W- Hi <3
M- Meeting at noon right?
W- Yeah
W-I love you
M-I love you more
W- No I love YOU more baby
M- Not possible baby girl I love you to the moon
W-Well I love you to the moon and back
M- I miss your kisses
W-I miss yours too but, only 15 minutes more and you can have all the kisses you want
M- Yay

With that I walked out the door and headed to the tree house.  Michael being Michael, he wore his usual black skinny jeans, band shirt and converse.
He looked up and saw me. I walked in front of him and smiled.
“Hi babe.”  I said. Michael grabbed my hands.
“Hi.” He kissed my lips. I honestly have to admit that I melted.  I pulled back and grinned.
“What?” He asked.
“Just I love you.” I replied.
“Come here.” He said.
He brought me closer than ever before.  Our lips moved in sync. Ugh he made me feel alive.  I pulled back and smiled.  He held onto my hand and drug me deeper into the woods. We ended up on a grassy hill by a lake. The sun was barely in the sky and the stars were coming out slowly. We laid next to each other, hand in hand. Michael sat up, I did as well. I sat on his lap and faced him. I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him. Michael pulled our bodies closer and held my hips. After a while Michael pulled us down. His back was on the grass and I was leaning down. We were in a full blown make out session when we heard foot steps. I sat up and saw nothing but trees. I looked back down at Michael.

"What?" I asked.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are." He sat up. I draped my arms around his neck.

"I love you Michael Clifford."

"I love you Willow Anderson." I gave him a quick kiss and played with the hair on the back of his head. He pushed some of my bangs out of my face. I grinned. His phone went off and he quickly responded to the text.

"Hey babe."

"Yeah" I replied

"Do you want to go back to the tree house?"

"Uh sure." I stood up and so did he. He interlocked dour hands. We headed back to the tree house. Once there we saw the light were already on. We opened the door to the and found Luke, Calum, Ashton and Kitty.

"Hi guys." I said.


Michael pulled me to face him. He brought our bodies a close as humanly possible. My arms around his neck and his around my waist. He kissed me. Each time we kissed felt like the first. Electricity filled my body. Michael pulled away and Kitty awed.

"So Calum did we go a date?" Michael asked. Calum nodded and I smiled.

"You guys are really cute together ." Luke said. Ashton nodded and Calum looked at the floor. Kitty must have noticed.

"Hey Cal come here." Kitty said. Calum walked over to here. Kitty gently pressed her lips against Calum's. His hands slowly drifted to Kitty's hips and her arms wrapped around his neck. She pulled away from him, "Better?"

Calum simply nodded.

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