Song Titles


8. Ride by Twenty-One Pilots

[Song: Ride by Twenty-One Pilots]

Willow's POV
We must have all fallen asleep around 12 am. I woke up and found all of the guys sleeping around me. I noticed that someone took off all of my bracelets and laid them next to me as well. I walked onto the small deck and found a pair of black combats with studs on the back dangling from the branch above the roof. I climbed up and sat next Kitty.

"Hey kid." She said.

"Hi. Why are you up here?" I asked.

"Came to listen to some music, reflect on my life, watch the stars twinkle. Ya know the usual things I do." She turned to face me, "By the way the twinkle in your eyes shines brighter because of him."

I smiled. 

"Oh hey how is your side doing?" She asked. I lifted up my shirt that barely covered the stitches. "It's doing better." I said.

4 days ago I cut a deep line in my side but, I don't remember doing it. I had to get stitches and I should be getting them out in a few days. I haven't told anyone but my mum and Kitty. All the sudden we heard, "Ow you little bitch." I hoped down and to see Calum holding his side. I giggled and so did Kitty.

"What the hell?" I asked.

"Luke punched me in side really hard." He replied. Luke was now laughing hysterically so were we. Some how or another we ended sleeping until 9 in the morning.


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