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11. Monster (DotEXE Remix) by Meg and Dia

[Monster (DotEXE Remix) by Meg and Dia]

Willow’s POV
Today is Michael’s birthday. He told me he didn’t want anything but, I still bought him a new denim jacket, a guitar pick necklace and a $25 visa gift card. I invited Michael, Ashton, Calum, Kitty and Luke to my house since my mom and little brother went on vacation. I was officially home alone for the next month and a half. I wore Michael’s favorite outfit which consisted of my black pleather pencil skirt with black yoga shorts underneath, a black short sleeved crop top and my knee high converse. Michael doesn’t know it yet but I dyed my hair red and ombred my tips black. I did my regular makeup and applied some red matte lipstick. My hair and teeth were freshly clean/ brushed.  The door bell rung and I ran down the stairs. I opened the door to 4 smiling weirdos and my boyfriend. Everyone came in and Kitty led them to my room.
“Hi Birthday Boy.” I said.
“Hi baby girl.” He relied.
I gave Michael a kiss and took his hand. I led him to my bed room and found everyone smiling at me when I opened the door. We all sat on the floor and played Truth or Dare. When it was my turn I decided to choose Michael.
“Michael Truth or Dare?” I said.
“Dare.” He smirked.
I stood up and went to my closet. I got Michael’s birthday present out of the bottom. I set the bag in front of Michael and sat down again.
“I dare you to open your birthday present.” Michael smiled at me and I smiled back. He opened his present and smiled. He set everything behind him and gave me a kiss. I held his hand and we continued to hang out.  Luke and Ashton had to go first and then Kitty and Calum left. Michael and I were all alone.
I shut off my lights and turned on a movie on my Tv. I laid down on my bed and Michael laid next to me. Michael sat up and crawled on top of me.  He put his hands on my bare waist and started  to tickle the ever living shit out of me.

“Michael. Stop.” I said in between laughs. Michael put each of his hands on either side of my head. He leaned down and kissed my lips.
“EWWWWWWWWWW.” My lights turned on. Michael sat down next to me and I sat up. I looked at my door and found Luke staring at us.
“What kissing is bad now? Dude our cloths are still on and we haven’t even gone there.” I said.
“Gross.” He turned and grabbed his jacket off my floor. I walked over to him and gave him a hug.
“You’re just mad because nobody kisses you.” I said. Luke pulled out of our hug and gave me this weird look.
“What?” I asked.  Luke looked over at Michael and back at me.
“I’m not jealous but you tell me if he hurts you in any way, shape or form okay?”  Luke pulled my hair to the side and smiled.
“I will.” Luke started to pull my door shut.
“Lub oo kiddo.” He said.
“Lub oo too.” I turned around to face Michael.
“Lub oo?” He asked.
“Luke and I are like best friends so chill babe. You are my only baby and I love you so much that it hurts.”
“Get over here Willow.” I smiled and snuggled up to Michael.
“Hey baby.” He asked.
“Can you grab my jacket pweese.” He pushed out his bottom lip and pouted. I got up and handed him his jacket.  Michael turned to face me and sat criss cross. I did the same.
“Hold out your hands and close your eyes.” He said. I did as he told me and waited. I felt a small box in my hand. I opened my eyes and smiled at Michael. I opened the small velvet box to see a ring. It was black and silver. He took it out of my hand and slid it on my right ring finger.
“What’s this for?” I asked him.
“Because you are my everything and if I lost you I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I’d be so lost without you baby girl. I love you so much.”
I pushed Michael’s back towards the pillows and crawled on top of him. I sat on his lap and kissed his lips. I grabbed my hips and flipped us over so I was on my back. I thought he was going to kiss me but, instead he continued to tickle my sides. He was smiling and laughing at me. I squirming like crazy when he finally stopped to give me an apologetic kiss. I moved my head away from his lips.
“No. You don’t get any more kisses.” I said.
“Awe why.” He asked.
I crossed my arms, “You tickled me baby.”
“What if I did this instead?” Michael pulled me off of the bed to my feet. He pulled me closer than I ever thought was possible. There wasn’t any space between us. He kissed my forehead and rested his forehead on mine. I couldn’t help but to give him a kiss.
“I love you Mikey.” I said,
“I love you too Willow.”
We went down to the living room and found my brothers nerf guns everywhere. I picked up a fully loaded gun and shot Michael in the arm.
“Oh it’s so on.” He said with an evil grin.
I took off. It turned into a full blown nerf war. We ran around the house firing foam bullets at each other until every single bullet was scattered on the floor throughout the entire house.  Michael pulled me over to give him a kiss. Just before our lips touched I felt something on my bare stomach. Michael had a single bullet nerf gun held to my stomach.
“Sorry babe but, I like to win.” He said.  Just then I felt the bullet hit me. I didn’t hurt because you know it’s for little kids. I fell onto the couch and pretended to be dead. Michael smiled and kissed my forehead. I heard Michael’s phone go off in the distance. He started to walk into the Kitchen and I jumped on his back. He continued to retrieve his phone but now he was holding me up and laughing at how stupid I am. I jumped off of his back and stood next to him.
“Luke said there is a party at the lake again. Do you want to go?” He asked.
“Only if you want to baby.” I kissed his cheek.
“Well then lets clean this up and go.”
We picked up all the bullets and put them back where we first found them. I quickly went upstairs and fixed my hair before we headed out the door. We each had our phones and I locked the front door. We walked hand in hand to the lake. Just before we got to the lake Michael pulled me into the thick part of the woods just off the wide path.  He pushed my back against a tree and symbols for me to be quiet.  Michael rapidly moved to the tree to my left and we hid in the shadows.
“Trick or Treat. Come out and play. We won’t bite so come and obey.” The eerie voices said. The Masked Trick or Treaters could find us any second. I popped my head around the sided to see the last torch go out of sight. I looked over to where Michael was standing.
“Michael?” I asked. There was no response.
“Michael?” I repeated. No answer. I pulled out my phone and called him. I heard his ring tone loud and clear coming from the other side of the tree. I walked around it to find Michael’s phone buzzing on the ground. I turned my phone flashlight on and saw that he dropped his necklace too. My throat started to burn.
I picked up his phone and necklace. I immediately called Luke and Kitty.  I stepped out of the path and waited. I stood there for 30 minutes when I saw Luke coming towards me.  Luke wrapped his arms around me and I felt myself start to let go. Tears ran down my face.
“He’s okay kiddo.” Luke said. He hugged me tightly.
“He’s okay.” He said again.

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