Song Titles


6. Irresistible by Fall Out Boy

[Song: Irresistible by Fall Out Boy]

Michael's POV

Magical. That's the only way I can describe Willow and I's kiss.

"Hey I know it's kinda stupid to ask now but will you be my official girlfriend?" I asked.

"I figured we already were dating but, yes I'd love that." She said. She's just to irresistible. We went up into the treehouse. We played some music and danced around for a little when a pine cone came in through the door. Willow looked out and turned around with a smile. She shut off the music and climbed down. I followed her to find a girl with bright lime green hair.

"Michael this is Kitty. Kitty this is Michael." She said. "And before you say something he's mine." Kitty seemed pretty cool. Luke, Calum and Ashton soon joined us in the treehouse. Willow introduced Kitty to the guys.

"So wait you guys are a thing?" Kitty pointed at us.

"Yeah." Willow said and held my hand. 

"Awe my little purple haired weirdo go herself a boyfriend. By the way Michael, if you hurt her, well lets just say your name is going to have to change to Michelle." Kitty gave me the death lasers and started talking to the other guys.

We all hung out for a little while in the treehouse and the woods until the sun started to go down.

"Hey Michael and I are going to go for a walk anybody want to come?" Willow said.

"Yeah" everyone said in unison. We started walking deeper into the woods. I held Willows hand as we walked.

"Oh my god we gotta go back guys." Kitty said.

"Why." I asked.

"666. Not a drill." Willow looked terrified and Kitty did too. We all ran back to the treehouse and pulled up the ladder.

"Everyone lay down on the floor and stay quiet." Kitty said. Willow closed all the windows, turned off all the lights and locked everything. We heard shouting and rumbles below us.

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