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5. Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) By The Ready Set

[Song: Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) By The Ready Set]

Willow's POV

I woke up snuggled into Michael. I looked up to see the other boys all sleeping around us. Michael looks so cute when he's sleeping. But, I'm just confused like, are we dating? Are we like in love or something? I traced a few hearts on Michael's chest before he scared me by saying, "Good morning Willow."

"Morning." I stood up and yawned. "How do we wake up these three?" I asked pointing to the ground at the three sleeping weirdos on the floor.

"Do you have speakers?" He asked me.

I went over to the small little cabinet and opened the door revealing a set of insane 320 watt speaker and a audio cord. I plugged my phone in and looked through my music. Michael snaked is arms around my waist and rested his head in the crook of my neck. We looked through songs for a little until 'Give Me Your Hand by the Ready Set' showed up. I hit play and slowly turned the volume up higher and higher. Michael and I danced around for a little until Calum unplugged my phone. At this point everyone was awake. Eventually we decided to all go home get cleaned up and meet back at the treehouse at 11:30 am. We all crawled out of the treehouse and started to walk to the edge of the woods. The entire walk Michael held my hand. I'm so confused, are we a couple? We went our separate ways. Once I got home I took a shower and brushed my teeth. Michael texted me the whole time. He'd send me cute little quotes and sappy stuff. My favorite one was, “If you can’t get someone off your mind, it’s because your mind always knows what your heart is thinking. - Mark Amend” that was followed by, 'That's you Willow.' My heart started to beat faster. I decided I was going to look good for him since he is making an effort. I did my normal winged eyeliner and foundation. I decided on pink lipstick with my white crop top and light pink booty shorts. My hair was normal, meaning it was still purple. I threw on some knee high black and white converse and called my outfit good. I threw some food and stuff into a duffle bag. I texted Michael to meet me early because I wanted some alone time.

Michael and I met at the treehouse at 10 ish.

"Hey Willow." He said.

"Hi." I dropped my bag on the dirt. Michael gave me a hug. He had his arms around my waist and mine were around his neck. We pulled back with our arms still around each other.

"You look really, really hot Willow." Michael said.

"Thanks, so did the guys say anything on the way home?"

"Nothing much. They did say I'm a big passionate teddy bear under the layer of hard ass." Michael's green eyes were like black magic. They were soft but, still had a way of seeming like he actual saw me for me.

"Well I don't think we've actually gotten to do this for real." I said. Our lips connected. I felt like a firework had just been lit inside my stomach. Our lips moved in sync, the world around me had simply stopped. His lips were soft, I melted into this kiss. I never really believed in falling in love, that story has changed.

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