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4. Dracula By Ghost Town

[Song: Dracula by Ghost Town (specifically for the chorus but, its a good song)]

Michael's POV

"Hey" I said to Willow as she walked closer to me.

"Hi Michael." She replied with a smile.

"My mom and little brother are coming here so, he can play or whatever. Do you want to go somewhere?" Willow asked.


"We're going to my spot okay?"


We walked for a little bit until we got to the woodsy like place. We weaved through trees and rocks. We showed up at this tree. A small ladder hung down for us to climb at the top was a little tree house that looked fairly new. She climbed up first and I followed.

"Welcome to my escape." She said while plugging in some string lights. She sat down next to me and said, "Can we just appreciate Calum's face last night. He freaked when I kissed his cheek." We started laughing.

"The guys really liked you. "

"Really that's a first."

"Oh, come on Willow you're beautiful, I'm sure guys are crawling all over you." Willow blushed like crazy. I got a text from Luke

L- Luke   M-Michael

L- Your mom said you were out, can we come?

M- I'll ask

L-ooooooohhhhhh you're with Willow aren't cha

M- Shut up

M- Meet us in the woods like 5 minutes from the park.

L- Woods?

M- We'll meet you on the outskirts

L- Mkay.....Cal is coming and he wants to ask Willow out

M- I'm going to kill him

L- Haha better make your move Clifford see you in 5

M- k

Willow and I walked to the outskirts of the woods. Luke, Cal and Ash met us there. We walked back to the treehouse. Once up we pulled the ladder inside. Luke brought his laptop and some popcorn so, Willow and I grabbed the bean bags from the corner, pillows and blankets.

"What do you want to watch everyone?" Luke asked.

"Saw 2 I've never seen it." Willow said.

"None, of us have seen the 2nd one but we did see the first one." Luke said while finding the movie and hitting play. Willow sat next to me on the bigger bean bag, Luke on the other bean bag on her left, Cal and Ash were in front on pillows. We all had blankets over ourselves because it was like a shield. Willow snuggled up to me and rested her head on my shoulder. She pulled the blanket over her eyes a couple of times and honestly I did once too. We watched the next two movies in the series  I checked my phone and the time said 9:30 pm. We had started at 7. We finished the series and the ending sucked ass. Cal picked The Ouija Experiment. Willow wasn't scared one bit. Once the movie was over we started to play Truth or Dare. We all sat in a circle on the floor. Everything was fine until it was Luke's turn to decide.

"Um Willow, Truth or Dare?"

"Truth." She said.

"Would you go out with Calum?" I shot lasers at Luke.

"Sorry to disappoint guys but, I've got my eye on someone else." She grinned a little revealing a small colored ball.

"Wait stick out your tongue." Ashton said. She stuck out her tongue revealing a white and black piercing.

"Doesn't that hurt?!?!" Cal said.

"No" She pulled the piecing out and showed them the small hole in her tongue. She put her piercing in again, "Well I think it's cute." I said.

"Okay, Michael Truth or Dare?" Willow asked me.


"I dare you to kiss me." She said.

I gently pressed my lips to hers. I didn't mind kissing her. I pulled away and grinned at Luke. Willow blushed and covered her face with her hands. She pulled her hands down and couldn't stop smiling.

"So the guy you have your eye on is the same guy who you just kissed." Luke said. Willow nodded.

"CALLED IT!" He shouted. We played until about 2 or 2:30 am. Luke slept in the small bean bag, Cal and Ash slept on a pillow bed, willow and I shared the biggest bean bag and blanket. She cuddled up to me and we feel asleep in each others arms.

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