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2. About A Girl by Nirvana

[Song: About A Girl by Nirvana]

Michael's POV

Everyone says my constant addiction to my PS4 is bad. I happen to think differently. There's this girl. I really like here and I don't even know what the hell she looks like. She's me but she has boobs. She calls herself theperfectlittlenightmare but really she is my dream. Okay I sound really cheesy but, do you think I care.

We were playing a game when Luke stole my head set.

"Give me that." I said while reaching for the mic.

"Hey theperfectlittlenightmare what's your number?" Luke said. At this point I was on his back and he was face first on the floor. Calum swooped down, grabbed the mic from Luke and took off. I jumped off of Luke when I heard a little ping from my TV. Her phone number showed up on a private chat. I ran up to Cal and tripped him. The mic hit the floor and I gabbed it with a smile.

"Hey theperfectlittlenighmare sorry about my friends they're idiots. I'll text you when the round is over." I said.

"Sure thing cliffordkills I'll see you then." She said.

I couldn't wait for the round to be over. Right when the round finished I texted her.


T-theperfectlittlenightmare     M-Michael

M- Hey is this theperfectlittlenightmare

T-Yeah and you're Cliffordkills

M-That's me. So what is your actual name?

T- Willow, Willow Anderson. What about you?

M-Michael, Michael Clifford.

T- Cool! How old are you?

M- 15

T- I'm 15

M-Sweet. Where do you live?

T- Riverstone, Australia. You probably don't know where it is.

M- No way. I live in Riverstone!!

T- Are you lying?

M- No, why would I lie to you?

T- It's happened before...Want to meet up?

M- Wanna meet at the red and black park behind the ice cream shop?

T- OMG yes, I go there everyday

M-See you in 5

T- yeah

I couldn't wait to meet Willow. I've been talking to her for a little over a year and I finally get to meet her.

"Guys come on lets go!" I said. They looked at me confused.

"We're going to go meet Willow."

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