It's 2533 on planet earth,

However over the years an extraterrestrial race has taken over the planet.

Only one percent of the human race remains on the earth.

The remaining one percent is expected to blend in with the rest of the community

Those who do not will be taken away

Will Octavia be able to survive in her new lifestyle

Or shall she have the same fate as the other 99 percent of the human race


2. chapter 2

How my hair could manage to go from perfectly straight to a giant poof ball overnight always ceased to amaze me. "Shut up" I groaned throwing my buzzing alarm clock at the wall, only for it to reappear back on my bedside table instantly. Why I ever thought this was something I needed, is truly sad. An alarm clock that doesn't shut off until you get out of bed, could be compared to torture in my book. Not to mention it also transport back to its spot no matter how far you throw it.

"Fine you win" I grumbled rolling out of bed.

I got out a patterned cardigan and placed it over the clothes I had worn to work the night before, which I had lazily decided not to change out of.

"Doesn't smell that bad" I sniffed at the dirty white shirt hanging loosely from my body. I slipped on my overused black combat boots, starting to get worn from the rough streets.

Overall my appearance wasn't to distressed, considering it's been 134 days since the start of this madness I was holding together pretty well. Or at least better than most, it's not easy adjusting to another race taking over your planet, forcing you to live as though nothing had changed. Other than you sudden mandatory job obligations and having to watch your back everywhere you went.

I walked out of my so called door into the hallway of my apartment, or as they refer to it the Human Waste Living Quarters. Catchy name right, got to love the Zyats.

I put my head down as I walk down the streets, as a human you don't want to attract anymore attention to yourself than your blood is already bringing. They say they can smell one of us from miles away, which is enough to already have me scared beyond words.

My breath comes out in white puffs, making me pull my cotton cardigan closer to my body. Maybe I should of had changed, it would be pointless if I died from the cold but managed to survive an alien race taking over our planet.

I turn the corner passing the worst part of town, I hold my breath hoping I would make it just intil...

"Hey there pretty human, why don't you come over here it's nice and warm" A guy cat calls from across the street, I speed up, only one more turn until I'm safe. Come on Octavia you can make it.

"Come on human you know it's too warm for that sweater maybe you should take it off"

I start running, no way I was going to get trapped with those guys. I look back, my vision blurry from the sudden exercise and see two guys following at a close pace.

"Shit" I mutter turning back around running as fast as I can now. I take a sharp left and turn the corner getting into a busier part of town luckily.

"Ahhh" I scream as I trip over the uneven ground scrapping my exposed knee on the rough gravel. The sudden red liquid oozing down my small gash, makes everyone stop and try to locate the smell.

My AB positive blood puddles around my limp body. My breaths now go in and out panicked, Only O positive was supposed to remain in the city. All AB was to be sent to the king, where most were executed.

Only O where to survive, O was safe, O's were lucky unlike me. I laid back in defeat, many months of hiding now were worthless. How could I manage to be so stupid. I close my eyes waiting for guards to take me, running would be useless, everyone would know I was the one dripping with illegal blood soon enough. 


"Come with me" I heard deep voice whisper next to me.

I look up a hooded figure stood in the alley hidden by the shadows other than his grey reflective tattoos which caught some light. 

I squinted in confusion, I couldn't of heard right but what other option did I have . I stood up wobbling a bit, before limping over.

A rough rag was placed over my mouth and darkness swallowed me whole.

 "I'm sorry" Whispered the voice which haunted me in my dreams





Her outfit



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