One Time Love

One time love
You're not
When I see you
I know you're the best

When we hold hands
We share so much
Our love is timeless
Our loving time

I want to be with you
To feel alive
I never want to leave
I will surely die

You're my world
To remember forever more
Everything to me you are
More of your love I need

You're my dream
That comes true
My life I dream of you
Your love I need

I lost time
Thinking of you
Wondering where you were
How you are

What you're doing
I lost time
I could only think of you
And wonder


3. Tonight

For you tonight I leave a trail

Speak to me so I will hear

I will always come to you

You will speak to my heart


You're far from me

But I feel your warmth

My heart goes quiet

As I think of you


Tonight I am still

So you can hear me

My heart sings

Of only you


As I sit alone

I will dream of you

We are one



Your whisper is a smile

It fills my heart with music

The clouds are blue

As I think of you


The heavens open wide

As I know loving thoughts

I will leave with you



The midnight skies are ribbons

Of my love for you

My sun and moon you are

My one and only love

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