Ellie Foster

This is the re-write from my other account I needed to majorly edit it and work out some kinks.


1. Prologue

I studied the document that sat on my desk, it had been sitting next to me for three hours straight and I had a feeling that I didn’t want to read the details.

Sighing, I rubbed my hand over my cheeks, the sharp feeling of stubble grazing my worn hand. I thought of my wife sitting at home, the TV blaring as she would be watching one of her favourite romance movies, her hand rubbing over the large bulge of her stomach contain our second child. Our first was a boy, Jay, whose third birthday was only two months ago. A smile worked its way on to my face as I thought to how perfect my life had become over the past 6 years. Meeting my beautiful wife Samantha and being married to her two years afterwards. Thinking to before this, my whole life was stuck in my police work, trying to find any hope of her.

Remembering her was hard now; her face was becoming distant in my mind. I couldn't remember that perfect smile, the sharp, emerald green eyes and the small dimple in her right cheek when she let herself be free. If only I had stopped her from meeting him.

When she brought him home, my parents couldn't have been more thrilled. He was the 'best' according to Father, the looks, money and the high reputation throughout the marketing world. Able to provide for her very well, is what Father thought. If only he really knew what person he really was underneath that thick ‘caramel coating’.

Shaking my head, I picked up the photo and stared at the file that came with it. Looking closer I realised it was a triple case; not very many came by. The son was missing and the father is wanted. I had seen this before; it did not result in a good end for the child. Reaching for the final file, the words ‘SUSPECTED MURDER’ stANDS out in bright red pen. Reading further I find that the mother's blood was found, the son and father were not located at the house. Reading back to the top of the page, I find the name and history of the woman. My heart stops at the name, my hands became clammy and my breathing falters. 

Ellie Foster

My missing sister of 9 years


Picking up the folder I read back in to the case. My mind was fumbled and foggy, this couldn't be real, could it? She had made no contact and this is how I find her? 

Name: Ellie Maria Foster

Age: 27

Occupation: No specified




Call was made from neighbour, named as Mrs Catherine Dottle. Complaints of screaming and arguing, she stated that this was not the first time this had been reported. Police arriving at the house saw signs of a disturbance and a struggle, but the house was abandoned

DNA results show that the blood was Miss Foster’s; no body was seen. 

Miss Foster's partner was seen leaving the house in the early hours of every morning taking the young boy with him. He only returned at 10 pm every night.

Stuffing the files in to my brief case, I shrugged on my coat and grabbed the car key's. I ran out of my office and into the elevator, not sparing my assistant a glance. Seeing the glass doors of the station, I was finally realizing that we have a lead on my sister. I have a chance to see her again.


The storm that was brewing outside, was just a mere breeze compared to what was happening in my head. Throwing the door almost off it's hinges, and fumbling with the keys, I finally managed to get the car to start, allowing me to race down the street and get home to tell everyone the news.



Pulling up to my two-story house, it was dark apart from the flashing lights of the television in the front room. Smiling I thought to my black haired, green eyed wife. Her smile that lit up a room and a caring sense that made everyone feel like they belonged. Grabbing the briefcase I ran out of the car and onto the porch, my numb fingers didn't help with the door so it took me longer than what I'd hoped for. Shrugging off my coat and kicking my shoes off I went to the living room to find it empty. 

The blanket was ruffled and the sound on the television was lowered. The faint patter of small footsteps caught my attention. Looking behind me, I saw my wife rubbing her eyes while sporting a large yawn. A small smile crept onto my face and I opened my arms out wide, allowing her to snuggle into my arms. Chuckling slightly, I placed my cheek on top of her hair and smiled.

"Hey, how was work?" her small voice muttered. My mind flickered back to my briefcase and I felt my smile widen. 

"It was great, go sit down, I need to call my parents. It's something for everyone to hear." she gave me a confused look and walked out of the room, her eyes never leaving mine. Going back to my coat, I dug through the deep pockets until my fingers skimmed the cool screen of my mobile. Latching my fingers on the top I brought it out, trying not to loose it again in the deep wholes I get to call pockets. Unlocking it I skimmed through the notifications to see I had missed a call from my mum, frowning I re-dialled her and set the phone to my ear.

"Alex honey, I know I shouldn't of called you at work but it has been so long since I saw your family and you know how I miss that grandson of mine, pl-" my mum talked frantically into the phone, I couldn't help but laugh at her chatty character that I had missed. 

"Actually mum, I needed to talk to you and dad. Can you get him and put it on speaker?" I asked her. I heard the click off her footsteps and the knocking on a door. I walked back into the living room and pulled my briefcase beside me. Putting my phone on speaker and I placed it on the coffee table, my hands shook as I flipped the locks and pulled out the three files.

"Son, what was it you needed to talk to us about?" My father's shaking voice broke my daze. His voice would always be shaking when we were speaking, it was like he was reliving what happened almost 10 years ago all over again. Our relationship has never been the same.

“I found her, I found Ellie." I heard the gasp that echoed on the other side of the line. 

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