“You have not been kidnapped,” the first man says.

“Oh yeah? Then what do you call waking up strapped in to a car with two strangers?!”

The driver shrugged, “Adoption.”

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3. The Adoption

Chapter 1

Louis was startled awake as the car he was seated in dipped into a pothole and rose back out of the ground. His eyes opened and met with two sets of eyes that were looking at him fondly from the rearview window.

“Sorry darling. Didn’t mean to wake you,” the man in the driver’s seat said softly. He had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the leg of the man seated next to him. Louis couldn’t see any details of the men besides their dark hair and brown eyes.

“Who,” Louis tried to say and at that moment a pacifier fell from his lips. “Who are you?”

“Why don’t you go back to sleep Lou. We’ll have formal introductions when we get home,” the man in the passenger’s seat suggested.

Home? Louis had no home to speak of. He had been living with friends these past few months just attempting to make it by. The economy is shit, and nobody is going to hire a kid who hadn’t gone to uni. Wherever this home they were speaking of was, Louis knew it was not his. Red alert flashes shrill in his head and he senses danger. He was in a moving car with two strangers and there was an object designed for babies in his mouth for an undefined amount of time.

Louis would have none of this. “I asked you a question. Who are you? And why was there a dummy in my mouth?” The boy had seen enough crime shows to know not to scream or attempt to throw himself out of a moving vehicle. He is scrawny and he can tell by the outline of the men sitting in front of him that they would have no trouble taking him down. He looked at his lap to see that he had been strapped into a car seat. “What the hell am I sitting in,” he gasped.

“Louis, no swearing,” the man spoke again.

“Oh dear lord. I’ve been kidnapped,” he mutters to himself.

“You have not been kidnapped,” the first man says.

“Oh yeah? Then what do you call waking up strapped in to a car with two strangers?!”

The driver shrugged, “Adoption.”

“Adoption is what you do when you are adding a kid to your family,” Louis attempts to correct him.

“I know, darling. We are adopting you.”

“Adopting! Adopting! Oh Jesus! I’m going to be murdered by the end of the week!”

“Baby, you need to relax,” the drive said.

“Don’t you dare fucking call me baby,” Louis hissed.

The man in the passenger’s seat turned his head to look at the driver. He had brown hair and a beard and he looked just like David Beckham. Stunning really. “We’re going to have to make sure that swearing stops before Harry catches that habit.”

The driver sighed and took his hand and brought it to his lips. He placed a very gentle kiss and began massaging it with his thumb.

“What do you want from me,” Louis asked. Perhaps it hadn’t complete sunk in yet what exactly adoption was as he wasn’t panicking as much as babies usually did.

“Just be the good little boy that we know you are,” the David Beckham doppleganger said to him.

Good little boy? “With all due respect, which I’ll might add is not a lot considering you’re kidnapping me-.”

“Adopting,” he was cut off by the man.

“Kidnapping,” he snarled. “I am 22 years old. I am not a child, and I don’t appreciate the way you’re talking to me. I will not be a good little boy. I will make your life living hell.”

“Look Lou, we know you aren’t aware of the rules, but you just broke two of them in less than one minute. You will not swear and you will not make threats. You are going to stop now, or you will receive 5 spanks for every swear and threat you make from now on. We are not going to tolerate you acting bold.” That all came from the driver. Louis wanted to see his face more than anything. Wanted to know what the mysterious man looked like, so at least when he runs away he can help the police take him down.

“Why do you care so much about swearing,” Louis asked.

“Because Harry sometimes repeats things that he hears and we would prefer it if you didn’t teach him swears.”

“Who the heck is Harry?”

“Harry is our baby. And now he’s your little brother,” David Beckham says.

“Baby or fellow kidnappee? Do you also make him sit in a child’s seat and force pacifiers into his mouth?”

“Harry, like you, is adopted. We do not force him to do anything. Harry is the most obedient baby in the community. He is a very sweet little boy. You are absolutely going to love him,” the good looking man exclaims.

“Why did you say little? How old is he?”

“Biologically he is 19,” said the mystery man. Man of Mystery? No. Louis couldn’t give him that nickname! Austin Powers is too badass to be like this lowlife! This freak who kidnaps and forces grown adults to act like kids.


“That’s nothing for you to worry baby. He is a perfect little baby. He isn’t mischievous so he will help you be a perfect little one as well.”

“How long?”

“How long what,” the driver asked.

“Have you had him?”

“Three years come February.”

Three years!? They have had this boy since before he was even an adult! Louis’ heart hurt. He became nauseous and dizzy. His body felt like it was on fire. Louis had never met this boy, Harry, but he was already sure that he was going to help him break free. From what he understood, the boy was brainwashed and acted like a small child. This has to be considered a form of torture!.

Louis was breathing hard and the handsome man had completely turned his body around to look back at the younger man who was beginning to hyperventilate. Sweat droplets were rolling down his face and the man was worried.

“Darling, what’s wrong?”

Louis scoffed. “What’s wrong?! What’s wrong is you kidnapped a child and brainwashed him. And now you are kidnapping me!”

The older man reached out his hand to pat the younger’s knee but Louis hit his hand away. “No hitting! You will not hit me or papa!”

‘Oh hell no!’ Louis thought. There is no way he was calling a man ‘papa’.

Louis opened his mouth to say something but was immediately cut off by the man steering the car. “Louis, I know this is all somewhat of a transition for you, but we are going to wait to answer your questions until we get home. Then we can have formal introductions face-to-face. Now, we have about an hour till we get there. I expect you to put the dummy back into your mouth and try and get some sleep. Little boys need naps.”

Both men watched him from the rearview mirror as they did when he woke up. The young man look as though he was about to cry. “Now Louis,” warned the Beckham doppleganger.

He gave in. Not even being awake and talking for half an hour and he was already breaking. He had been kidnapped and was now being taken to his new home by two men. And when he got there he was going to meet another boy in his situation. Louis feared what it was going to be like. What he was going to be like as time went on. He knew there would be nobody in the world out looking for him. So sighed and picked up the pacifier and slid it between his lips. The large men had made it crystal clear that they use violence to get their ways.

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