“You have not been kidnapped,” the first man says.

“Oh yeah? Then what do you call waking up strapped in to a car with two strangers?!”

The driver shrugged, “Adoption.”

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4. Harry

Charter 2

“Harry will you please get out of the curtains? You know how much your daddies don’t like the fabric getting dirty,” Nick says to the boy.

“Sowwy! I’m just so ‘cited,” exclaims the boy.

The man gestures for the boy to come closer to him as he sits down on the plush white couch. The couch is new. Before they had a darker color, because Harry was prone to making messes on furniture and they did not want to deal with stains. Nick chuckles internally thinking about the new baby and how he will probably be just as much of a mess maker.

He pats his long, thin legs for Harry and the baby waddles towards him. Nick makes a mental note to do a nappy check in a few minutes. Liam and Zayn would be less than happy to come home to Harry sitting in his own filth.

Nick fakes confusion to humor the lad. “Hmmm,” he says tapping his chin. “What’s got you excited, Honey?”

“Daddy and Papa will be home soon!”

“Anything else,” the tall man asks.

“They’re bringing me a bruder!”

Nick gasps. “A brother?!”

Harry nods and smiles so wide Nick canhis molars. “Uh huh! His name is Louis! It’s spelled like Lewis but daddy said you say it like Louwee! Weeee,” Harry squealed. He raises his arms and moves his whole body forward so he was leaning over Nick’s lap. “Get it? Huh Nick? Weee! Like a rollercoaster!”

Nick was about to pull him back up so he wouldn’t fall, but Harry had a different idea. He jumped from his babysitter’s arms onto the thankfully soft carpet. The boy began rolling on the floor with his arms flailing as if he were really on an amusement park ride.

Nick chuckles at the adorable sight before him.

Nick knows that he will probably never have a little one of his own, but if he ever did he could only hope that they were half as adorable as Harry. Nick has been one of Harry’s main babysitters for two years now. He comes over at least once a week, usually on Saturdays so the couple can go out for date night. He doesn’t mind at all. Spending time with Harry is 98% of the time a treat. There are still nights where he pouts and misses his daddies, but a bit of cuddling and reassuring praises fixes that right up.

“Nicky,” Harry looks at the man with his big green eyes.

“Yes, Ducky?”

“Can I wear somefing else?”

“What’s wrong with what you have on? You look so adorable in your footie pjs,” the man tells the boy.

Harry wriggles in discomfort. “Thank you. But I’m so hot!”

“I guess it is a bit warm in here,” he says to himself. Liam and Zayn keep the house at a constant temperature of 23 degrees no matter what the season. Harry is covered shoulder to toe in purple flannel and is bound to be sweaty underneath it all.

“Okay munchkin! Come here,” Nick opens his arms wide and Harry jumps up from the floor and into the man's arms. Nick places Harry on hip and begins to walk out of the large living room. “All aboard the Grimmy express!”

“Toot toot,” Harry squeals as he moves his fist up and down like a train whistle.

Nick uses the hand that isn’t holding Harry up to hold to his face as if he was talking through an intercom radio. “Ladies and gentleman! Thank you for choosing the Grimmy express. Please keep your hands and feet secured and hold on tight for the ride. It’s going to be a steep climb,” he informs as they begin the journey up the stairs. Nick keeps one hand under Harry’s bottom and the other across his back. He makes a chugging sound to further the imaginary train ride. Harry continues laughing and squealing delight. They make it up the stairs and go to the third door on the left. “We have arrived at our destination. We hope you had a safe and fun journey and choose to use our railway services again in the future!”

Nick places Harry down on the floor. His daddies have a rule about Harry going up and down the stairs by himself, so somebody always has to carry him or hold his hand. Nick doesn’t mind. Harry may be large, but he actually weighs much less than he looks. Harry walks into the nursery. The door is rarely closed as there is no shame in this house. Harry accepts that he is a baby and that everyone who is allowed to go upstairs is going to treat him nicely, even if they see him being changed.

Nick walks into the room after the boy. It smells of the coconut wax cubes that are in the candle melter by the window and a bit of baby powder. Harry likes sweet smelling things, so when Nick comes over he normally tries to make sure he just smells like his shampoo and shower gel and not any musky colognes.

“Look Nicky!” Harry points to a quilted decoration hanging in the corner by the rocking chair. The fabric was sewed to look like baby blocks. The blocks say “LOUIS” in light blue. “Its for my bruder! Think he’ll like it?”

The man looks down at the hopeful eyes and big smile and nods. “He’s going to love that. He’s going to love you, and your daddies too!”

Truth be told, Nick has no idea how Louis is going to react to this new life. He has been living in this community for nearly four years. There are hundreds of others here as well. Everyone is rich and elite, so the government looks the other way. He has babysat for many of the parents. Some of the babies, like Harry, are fully adjusted after only two months. Others have been here for years and still need to be locked into their cribs at night time or else they will escape.

Harry is either going to make it easier or harder for Louis. Easier in the sense that he will see what he needs to do and how to act. Plus he won’t be doing this all alone. But harder because he knows how Harry is acting so he can prevent himself from being that way. Harry is charming and will automatically befriend any little that he meets, but he also craves affection and will try to make others happy so he can receive the affection. Chances are, if Louis wanted Harry to do something, he just might so that he can be Louis’ perfect little brother. Zayn and Liam expressed their concerns to Nick a few weeks ago and they said they will be keeping an eye on him at all times.

He shakes his head as he tried getting out of his deep thoughts. “So Ducky, what do you want to wear?”

“I get to pick today?”

Nick nods and Harry grins before going into his closet and pulling out a neon green tutu and light green sparkly tank. He brings the clothes over to his babysitter who raises his brows. “Are you sure? What if it gets chilly, Honey?”

Harry sticks out his bottom lip a bit, a trick he learned early on always gets his way. “You said I get to choose.”

“So I did,” Nick mutters. “Come here then.”

Nick makes quick work or turning the boy around and doing the snaps by him bottom. He then lays him on the ground and pulls his long legs out of the onesie. After a push to get him sitting up right, the flannel is pulled over Harry’s head. Once Harry is just sat there in just his diaper and nothing else, he blushes a bit.

“Do you need your nappy changed before we get you dressed?”

Harry nods and Nick picks the boy off of the ground and carries him over to the changing table. “Do you need anything before we get started, little one?” Harry shakes his head and covers his eyes with his fists. Nick has changed his nappy hundreds of times, but he still gets a bit shy. “Okay then, Ducky. We’re going to start.”

Before opening the tabs on the diaper, Nick gives Harry a kiss over his belly button. Harry giggles a bit at the feeling of stubble tickling his sensitive tummy. Nick opens the tabs on the side of the diaper and pulls down the front. Harry whimpers a bit at the cool breeze hitting his wet privates. Nick takes a baby wipe and begins to clean up a bit before having Harry raise himself up a bit. He takes a new wipe and cleans the boy’s urine up more thoroughly and throws the dirty nappy in the bin. He reaches below the changing table for a new one, which he unfolds and has Harry set himself on.

“How are you doing, Sweetie?”

“I’m okay. Thank you, Nicky,” he whispers.

‘Always so polite,’ Nick thinks to himself.

“Just a dash of powder,” he says pouring a bit onto Harry’s thighs and privates. He rubs it in lightly and adds a bit more for good measure. “Then we tape you all together,” he continues his narration. The diaper is now taped up and Harry is covered again. “And you are all good to go, Baby!”

Harry sits up and grips Nick’s shoulders as hops off of the table.

“Thank you for behaving so well for that changing,” Nick praises as he wipes down the table with a disinfecting wipe.

Harry just nods and blushes at the praise. Nick takes his hand and leads him back into the middle of the room where they had left the tutu and top. The man holds the skirt wide open for Harry to step into. He pulls it up and it does nothing to hide the diaper. Harry doesn’t mind though because he loves tutus and pretending to be a dancer. Then Nick has the boy raise his arms up and he slides the shirt over his hands and head. Once he was dressed Nick shakes his curls a bit, which had been tangled from the previous activities.

Harry claps. “All done!”

“Not quite yet, Baby,” the babysitter says and walks over to a chest of drawers. From the top drawer he pulls out a pair of white knee high socks with a little pink bow at the very top. “You know Papa would be a grumpy bear if I let you go around barefoot!”

The boy grimaces but knows it is true. Nobody likes to be around Papa when he’s angry, not even Daddy. He’s so scary!

Nick allows Harry to put the socks on himself and he is ready. “You look perfect, Little One!”

“Let’s go downstairs, Nicky! My bruder is gonna be here soon!”

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