Fandom oneshots

One shots for all the fandoms.
Everything from dan and phil to Tyler Oakley to 5sos to one direction to divergent to the mortal instruments.
There's hundreds of fandom one shots in this one book.


2. Dan >•< #1


I push my head into my hands and sigh.

I just had a huge fight with Alex, my flat mate.

Something about lack of food and a boy. To be honest, I don't even care.

She's demanded that I'm out the flat by tomorrow night. Which is going to be extremely hard.

So now, I'm sitting outside her flat door thinking about my next move.

I only have my purse and house keys. Which I guess I'm going to have to give back now.

I hear the door open and turn to see Alex death glaring me.

“Get out. Now.” She demands

I nod and stand up, running out the block of flats.

I only have pjs on. Which consists of a top, that three sixes to big and a pair of short shorts. I had managed to pull my slippers on before Alex kicked me out.

I have to watch out for the glass on the side of street, as it would go straight through the thin shoes.

London is scary at dark. Don't get me wrong, London’s an amazing place but after dark it's like watching a horror show.

The scary and dark alleyways, the people in them..

I keep hearing the comments that men speak as I walk past them.

“Isn't it cold out there? Why not come sleep with me?”

“Come here darlin”


“I'd sure love if the wind picked up”

I tried to ignore them, but I couldn't.

I was suddenly pushed against a brick wall.

A hand went straight to my mouth, muffling my terrified screams.

“Shhh shhh darlin” someone whispered into my ear

The person started to slowly turn me around and I was suddenly face to face with a man.

An ugly man.

“Hello” he smiled cruelly “what's your name?”

I bit his hand and he lets go, muttering a few swear words.

I take the time to run, but the man pulls on my ankle. Making me fall straight onto my face.

I feel a sting in my right knee, but ignore it.

I kick at the man, when suddenly there's noise from the other side of the alley.

“Leave that girl alone!” Someone screams

There's a few stomps, when my ankle is finally realised.

I get straight onto my feet and run, limping on my right leg.

I keep running straight past more alleys.

I can hear footsteps behind me, but they finally stop.

Thinking that I won this round, I slow down and turn the corner.

There's a sudden and strong grip on my shoulders.

I scream and this time it isn't muffled.

“Calm down. It's okay” I hear someone whisper, I know that voice. “Y/N?”

I look up and see dan. Dan Howell.

“D-dan” I whisper

Dan smile and checks my body (not sexually)

“Your knee” he frowns, pointing to my right knee

There's a piece of glass stuck in it, with blood dripping around it.

“Oh yea, some one attacked me” I whisper, rubbing my neck.

Dan frowned and looked back to me.

He suddenly picked me up bridal style.


“It's okay” dan smiled “your safe now”

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