stormy thoughts


1. my thoughts

These thoughts seem to becoming into my head more often now. they're like a storm cloud that is always hanging above my head. It;s changing my emotions, thought anything it can get it 's sticky hands on. I can't seem to shake this storm cloud away. It's turning even more stormy by the day. It's growing bigger and blacker more than ever. I feel like a witch has put a spell on me, but why me? Out of nowhere the storm cloud just lets go and as it does my eyes start to cry. The thoughs are slowly leaving my mind. But I wonder for how long for time, they always return. It's a witches spell they will only stop when the witch lifts the spell from me lets just hope that it's very soon as I don't know how much longer I can have this storm cloud hanging over my head creating all these thoughts and playing with my mind. It has to stop one day doesn't it?

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