Sun Rise

There is beauty in every moment but there is nothing like a beginning.


1. Sun Rise

In the mornings I rose before the sun,

When the dark was tinged with colours of dawn.

To catch the first displays of beauty before the day begun,

A time of new opportunities and chances about to be born.

The rocks and the mountains are black shapes,

Early birds are silhouettes dipping into clouded waves.

A world of colour convulsing for when the sun breaks,

A little light to is more a world in which one braves.

A pale blue, a cool breeze on bare skin,

Once frozen is now thawed.

Melted by pinks and oranges as gold as sin,

Which down to my core the warmth gnawed.

The moment was upon us, the first crack of light,

Sleepily squinting above the horizon line.

The birth of day, a radiant sight,

The star of the Earth, making the surface so divine.

A gentle float, yet a regal rise,

Stretching it's arms of Rays across the infinity of sky.

A burning orb, a coin between fingertips, a King in size,

A memorising moment that stopped the time passing by.

It sat, a divider between two different worlds,

The gateway to the high heavens or the sweet, cold, watery abyss.

Yet so different, under its influence the ocean tumbles and twirls,

And the sky succumbs to power, consumed by a golden kiss.

The waves fizzed across the shore, and glinted like shattered glass,

The sand warmed and turned to golden glitter as if touched by King Midas.

Around me the world was defined down to detail to the lush, green grass,

And the brimming of energy burned brightly inside us.

Now that the Sun had fended the shadows of night away,

There are choices to be made between the rise and the set.

And if each moment is lived truly then at the end of the day,

We can make each day the best one yet.

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