The Kansas King


2. LPD, Dead Bodies and a Giant


Eye of the Tiger played on my radio, I turned it up. My smile grew, today has turned out to be a very good day!

I saw the yellow tape, then the blue uniforms and the red and blue lights and heard those god forsaken sirens. I pulled up to the curb across the street. So did my minions after me.

Let me explain, my relationship with the police-No let me rephrase with the commissioner-is very tight, I don't kill any innocents, or police officers, I don't sell drugs to people of Lawrence, I keep my men in check if one gets arrested for a crime I sit back and let it happen. In return they don't come after me or my men without reason and I help with gang disputes and homicides once in a while. Its a peaceful agreement that has taken a lot to get into place.

"Holla Mr. Winchester!" A hispanic female voice yelled from about two houses down from the crime scene I turned and saw that it was Mrs. Cortez a sweet old lady, her husband works for me and they are very happy together. I waved to her.

The citizens of Lawrence treat me as their god per-say. I saw Sammy surrounded by a bunch of blues-thats what I call the cops-he was a giant so it wasn't hard to spot the 6 foot 5 bastard. I signaled for my men to stay by the cars and walked towards the tape.

For some reason the newbie cops get scared shitless when my men are around and not in cuffs. I was already getting the death stare and I was only on the other side of the tape! I lifted it up and walked under it smiling at the two blues keeping crowd control. I tipped my hat down further as I made my way through more cops.

"Its him The King of Kansas, why is that bastard here?!"

"It has to be him, this had to be done by one of his guys!"

"The commissioner has to bag him for this!"

What the hell are these idiots talking about?

I made my way to the inner ring of detectives and sergeants and corporals, they were all here the department must've been empty. No one seemed to notice my presence, anyone of importance I mean. I took my hat off, crouching down, lifting the sheet of the nearest body.

It was a cop.

My anxiousness set in and my paranoia followed. They thought I was responsible, I can see why but I promised the commissioner, we had a deal, none of my men would break it! I counted the number of sheets.

There were five in total. This isn't good.

"King of Kansas, it's good of you to make it! We were about to drag you out of your scum hole of a bakery and, throw you in the shit hole of a prison you deserve to be in!" I put my hat on and stood up. That ear bleeding, torturous voice belonged to the one and only, Corporal Uriel Burns. Silence consumed the crime scene.

All eyes on me. I crossed my arms staring at the bodies. Uriel took out his handcuffs smiling.

"Now be a good gangster and put your hands behind your back." He took a step closer.

Uriel Burns was once a big shot FBI Agent. But got caught being a bad boy, killing off the book. He was demoted back down to beat cop and made his way back to corporal rather slowly.

"Uriel God Damnit put those infernal things away!"

The old rugged voice of Bobby Singer sounded like an angel. I smiled, turning to the Commissioner, thats right Bobby Singer, a hunter, take-no-shit, a very hardcore man.

The giant moose, Sam Winchester stood next to him easily towering over the old man. He didn't look happy to see me not in the least.

"But Commissioner-"

"GET BACK TO FUCKING WORK EVERYBODY!" He yelled, he is the only man I think that could make satan cry. Everybody dispersed doing their jobs, a few very dirty and mean words said in the process.

I still got the death stare.

"Hello Bobby! Sammy!" I said with a fake smile. I wanted to open my arms to hug my little brother but i knew that wouldn't be wise.

"What are you doing here Dean?" Sam said rather sternly crossing his huge, muscled arms. I rolled my eyes looking at the bodies.

"I got word that you were gonna need help."

"Dean," Bobby started. "you shouldn't be here." he had a hint of a fatherly tone in his voice.

I kept my eyes on the bodies.

"Well I saved you guys the unnecessary trip." I looked at them both, "I didn't do this Sam, Bobby. This wasn't me or my men."

Sam just stared at me. Bobby sighed.

I guess i should explain how a brother turned good and another bad.

When mom died, dad went awol. A retired corporal in the marines echo division, a father and a husband. He went completely crazy. Asked bobby if he could help out-consult is more so the word to use-on causes that fit the MO that was used in our mother's killing, bobby couldn't say no to him. I wish he had. My childhood was taken from me by my father, I'm not particularly complaining it made me who i was today. But Sammy got it worse-even though I was trained to kill at the age of 6-Sammy and Dad never got along even in the few days he was with us. I was tasked with a life mission to protect Sammy. Sam grew up independent, him and I separated when he turned 18, he wanted a cushy, white picket fence life as a lawyer. I went on the road taking cases with my father. On one particular night i snuck into Sams house that he shared with his girlfriend Jess. I knew he would get up and check it out so I just grabbed a beer and waited, till he came at me with fists flying, so I took him down. Back then I wasn't a gangster, and Sam was still a lawyer in training.

Once he calmed down, he began to yell at me.

Thats when his beautiful girlfriend came downstairs in a short smurfs shirt.

He continued to yell she stood there looking all adorable. He explained who I was, she offered her hand, I shook it gently. He continued to ridicule me and yell.

He sounded like dad.

10 Words shut his mouth right up.

"Sam, Dad went on a hunting trip and hasn't come home."

He stare blankly at me, took him a couple minutes to process it. I explained the situation after Jess went upstairs. He was reluctant to help at first. then I persuaded him-with my charms-to come and help but he had to be back before his bar test or whatever test he needed to take. So we headed off and it was hard at first I'm not going to go through all the details right now but lets say, when Jess died Sam went into a tailspin and still has come out right in the head yet. He became a cop, I became a gangster.

The perfect family.

Bobby Singer was like a father to me and Sam in our younger years. Kept us clean for as long as he could.

Looking at him now with those old man eyes filled with knowledge and anger. Always had a hint of anger.

"Dean, if it wasn't you then who could have the manpower and means to kill five cops." Sam asked with a sigh.

At the moment I couldn't come up with an answer.

"We made a deal Bobby. I wouldn't break it and neither would my men."

"Are you sure about that Dean?" Sam probed.

Sighing, I put my hands in my pockets of my blue Armani suit.

"I'm willing to help Bobby. You know how much pull I have in the gangster community." I turned to face them both.

Bobby wiped his face.

"You know I'm going to have to bring you in for questioning at least Dean then you can help after your cleared."

With a pang of fear and anxiousness I nodded.

"Okay I'll go to the station." I smiled weakly, I turned my back on them and started to walk back to the cars.

"Sam is going to accompany you to the station and start your questioning while I clean up here!" He said just within earshot of me. I froze sighing. Me and Sammy alone, I don't know if that is such a good idea at the moment in time.

A little arguing occurred and the felt the presence of a moose behind me.

"Come on." He grumbled as he walked ahead of me. i caught up to him as he lifted the tape up for both of us.

Sam has gotten a lot of heat in the department for being my little brother, it's been good and bad. I felt bad about it granted but I had jobs I had to do that doesn't involve abiding by the laws.

I love my job.

My men saw me walking with Detective Sammy and they started getting in their cars. I signaled them to stop.

"My brother and I are going to go to the station."

They tensed up and started to protest.

With a wave of a hand I cut them off.

"Alone. Head back Home. All of ya."

Reluctantly they all obeyed and drove off in their black durangos. I hate those trucks.

Sammy made his way to the passenger side door. I looked at him with a hint of a smile. He looked back at me confused.


I shook my head. "Nothing, I'm just happy to see that you are safe."

Ew, chick flick moments.

Before he could say anything I got into the car and started baby up.

We drove to the station in deafening silence.

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